Bananas, diet sodas, and fizzing.

This is kinda-but-not-really related to a recent column, so I’ll put it here. I think it’s significantly different from what Cecil wrote about that it doesn’t need to be in another forum.

When I have a light lunch of a banana and a Diet Pepsi, I notice that if I take a bite of banana and wash it down with the pop, I’ll get a mouthful of fizz. Why would this be?

I don’t drink non-diet sodas, so I can’t speak to the non-diet reaction to bananas.

This web page explains why soda fizzes when poured over ice. My WAG is that this also explains the soda-banana fizz.

So I guess the question is- Do you wash yor banana? :eek:

I keep my banana nice and clean, thank you. :smiley:

That is a fascinating cite. I thought it would be something like a reaction between artificial sweetener and sugar, although now that I think of it, non-diet root beer fizzes very well and produces long-lived bubbles when ice cream is added to it. The extra nucleation sites could account for the fizz, but what would account for the longevity?

Damn. Now I’m all hungry again for root beer floats and bananas.