Band Name Mondegreens

Was listening to the radio this afternoon, and heard a promo for a free concert by the band the Cannibal Liberation Army.

Alas, it’s actually the Animal Liberation Army.

A much less delightful band name, don’t you think?

Lame! Cannibal Liberation Army is such a better band name.

You and me and Leslie would agree! :wink:

This isn’t a band name, but it’s pop-culture and music related, so I thought I’d toss it in.

The ‘Buffy’ musical episode, first song, “Going through the motions.” For a long time, even when I’d rewatch the episode, I thought Buffy was singing about feeling “The strangest strangement”, which struck me as a delightful Joss-ism set to a tune.

I was very disappointed when I realized that the lyric was actually “Still I always feel this strange estrangement.” I mean, heck, all of those are words you could find in a frickin DICTIONARY for crying out loud!! He wasn’t even trying!


Back when I was a teen flod, a classmate asked me if I knew anything about a song she’d heard on the radio by a band called, well, she thought the DJ said “Fine Young Animals”? She didn’t believe me at first when I said they were called Fine Young Cannibals.

And now it comes full circle. I feel an almost Zen-like peace descending upon my soul :stuck_out_tongue:

When Depeche Mode became popular in the 1980s, I thought their name was Dipesto, after the character on Moonlighting . . .

As a teenager in Canada, and a big fan of the Gandharvas, I was thrilled to hear one of the VJs on MuchMusic say that their newest video (at the time The Masochistic Minstrel) would be playing within the hour. Well, sometime during that hour, the VJs switched off, and the new VJ started blathering on and on about how big a fan she was of… “Grand Harvest”?? Couldn’t wait to see the new video. She was talking about the Gandharvas without a doubt, because she kept mentioning the previous album (A Soap Bubble and Inertia). Oh, yes, she told the viewing audience she was a big fan, goes to all their shows.

Damn. :smiley:

MuchMusic was always known for it’s fine showing of lameness on all accounts, though. Nothing beats the time Bill Welychka made a “spank the monkey” joke in front of Billy Corgan and Billy called him on it (if I recall correctly, “Did you really just say that on live tv? I can’t believe that” in a very condescending tone), cut to commerical, Welychka is gone and a new VJ does the hour special with the Pumpkins. Welychka comes back on the next day, telling everyone that he and Billy just had a little “misunderstanding”, but they were buddies again now. HA!

Anyway. Yeah. I used to call Electric Light Orchestra Electric Live Orchestra. I also used to mix up my Marshall Crenshaws with my Nik Kershaws.

I remember listening to New York’s WPLJ in the early 80’s and hearing them play a single, Under The Blade, from the hot new local band Twistin’ Sister.

I remember a time when everbody was calling INXS the Inks. I swear I even saw a VeeJay on Mtv do it.

Oh, and I also remember a time in junior high, back when it was cool to write your favorite band names all over your textbook covers, when a guy in my class had the name “Cryptic Laughter” in large letters on one of his books. I thought that was the coolest name for a band ever, and I asked him what kind of music Cryptic Laughter played.

He told me, in a most condescending voice, that the name of the band was “Cryptic Slaughter.” I still think Cryptic Laughter would have been better.

When I was in junior high school I mistakenly mispelled the Bee Gees name on my Pee-Chee - I wrote “BJs”. Much mocking ensued.

I had a friend mock me for writing “Judas Priest” on my Pee-Chee in high school. He insisted, so very eruditely, that it was properly spelled and pronounced “Judist Priest”.

I thought there were two singers, once named “Fiancee” and one “Be-Youce.” I finally realized they were the same person, pronouced “Be-youn-say”