Bands of mixed gender with more than one female member?

I got to thinking about the members of the bands that I’ve seen pictures of, and something odd occurred to me: I can only think of one band that has both male and female members and more than one woman (that band is Fleetwood Mac). I figure there’s no cosmic significance to this; that I’m just not seeing the right examples. So how 'bout it, people? What bands have male and female members with more than one woman?

The breeders have a man drummer.

Babe the Blue Ox is (was? havent heard from them lately) a three piece, twon women.

The B-52s have two women, plus they have/had another woman on bass.

I think that the Squirrel Nut Zippers had two women.

Prince had Vanity and Appalonia (I’m sure that is spelled wrong).

Sly & the Family Stone
the B-52s
the Mamas & the Papas
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends (I think)
the Revolution (Prince’s back-up band)
It’s a Beautiful Day


Veruca Salt. Two women, two men. (On the first album, anyway.)

The 70’s had some, especially disco groups:


Rose Royce



Sorry, mouthbreather, but I’m pretty sure Squirrel Nut Zippers have Katherine as their only female member. I could be wrong about their early-early days, but I’m pretty sure it’s been this lineup since Inevitable.

Nashville Pussy has two women, on guitar and bass, neither of whom sing, which makes them doubley unusual.

Ultrababyfat has three women and a man on drums.

Early L7 had a male drummer

Naked agression was a punk band with two female singers.

Kid Death had a female singer and quitar player

The Pleasure Elite and Sick and Wrong had two women, I think

4 Non Blondes had 4 members, only 1-2 were guys (sorry, shoddy memory and flash in the pan fame).

Yeah, I knew I was missing a few. Can’t believe I forgot about Heart, though–how in the hells did that happen? Oh well. Thanks ever so much.

Wasn’t positive about that one, you’re probably right.

Lush? Kenickie? Elastica?

Magnapop - 2 girls, 2 guys, great music, no publicity

His Name is Alive - although after a while Warn Defever fired all the female members except for one.


Come, I think.

Pale Saints

The Pixies? The Breeders? (okay, so it’s the same people in both)

Nope, Pixies featured Kim Deal as the only female. You couldn’t swing a cat in the ninties without hitting a band with a female bass player.

Mamas and Papas
New Christy Minstrels
Fifth Dimension
Carter Family

Groovie Ghoulies
Dance Hall Crashers

The Corrs

Boney M
Brotherhood of Man
Bucks Fizz
Guys and Dolls