Bands of mixed gender with more than one female member?

Stereolab: two female singers and a keyboard player. The lineup has varied, at one point the lead singer was the only female member.

The Velvet Underground had Nico and Mo Tucker.

Just one. I originally thought two, because the bass player looked very boyish.

The Partridge Family.


The Throwing Muses.
Godspeed You Black Emperor!
Band of Susans.

Belly (phase 2, with Gail Greenwood on bass)
Dance Hall Crashers
Mary’s Danish

The Einstürzende Neubauten (German godfathers of avant-garde industrial, but they hate the term ‘avant-garde’ for some reason) for about ten minutes in the early 1980s, with the ladies being Gudrun Gut and Beate Bartel, and the gentlemen being Blixa Bargeld and Andrew Chudy. The ladies left, but I think they’re still making music. This whole lineup collpased before their first album, BTW - nowadays, they’re six men, including the two original fellows.

Not in his band, and not at the same time. Prince pulled the strings on an all-girl band called Vanity 6. After Vanity left the band and Apollonia took her place, the name changed to Apollonia 6.

Nevertheless, I suspect you were thinking of Lisa and Wendy from The Revolution.

While we’re on the subject of bands that orbited Prince, however, Sheila E’s band also fits the criteria given by the OP.

The Human League
Just about any band with a row of backup singers

Talking heads,at least on thier stop making sense tour
The Comitments

Whoops, forgot one: Imperial Teen

October Project

I’m not sure that they count–I guess I’m looking more for regular members (even if they were only around for one album).

Steeleye Span had two women (Maddy Prior and Gay Woods) on their first album. Woods left shortly after that, but she rejoined the band in the '90s (and then Prior left a few years ago). They’ve changed lineups many times, but on most albums Prior is the only woman (except for the most recent ones where it’s just Woods).

All on or were on Bloodshot Records I think:
Hazeldine, if they’re still together, 3 women and a guy drummer.
Meat Purveyors- 2 & 2.
Freakwater- 2 & 2.

I think the lead singer(s) from all above is one of the women too.

Trailer Bride has a woman singer, never seen tehm though, sure like too, they may have another women in there too.

That Dog
Ace of Base

Martha and the Muffins

Black Sorrows
Voice of the Beehive

Nashiville Pussy. The bass player is a hottie (the new one’s one of those quiet cute girls, the original looks like a stripper, so take your pick. I prefer the new girl, myself) and the lead guitarrist is a fucking maniac. This, in turn, makes her INCREDIBLY sexy. The band sounds a lot like AC/DC, except with a lot more swearing, and the lead guitarist seems to have taken a lot of ques from the lead guitarist from the former band as well. Lot’s of head banging and just running around to the music. I think the giving head to beer bottles while playing is something strickly her, but either way, she’s a maniac on stage. And the music rocks, too.

Did Cardigans?