Bands that put out the same song over and over again.

You know the kind I mean. The same chord structure, the same construction, virtually the same lyrics, just so similar you almost ask yourself whether you’ve heard it before even if you’ve never heard it before.

I found this on the Net the other day, and after listening to it I can safely say that Nickelback belongs squarely in that category. I mean, it’s absolutely uncanny. The two songs actually sound better with the overlay, and at some points they are actually indistinguishable.

So, let’s have your nominations.

The king of them all:

Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. Had several hit singles (“Young Girl,” “Woman, Woman,” “Lady Willpower,” “Over You”) which were the same song sung sideways (as Lillian Roxon put it).

Status Quo (even the name tells you they don’t change) Rocking all over the world again and again and again.
and Def Leopard
are the two that spring immediately to mind.

Every song on Ratt’s Dancing Undercover sounds like the CD player is stuck on repeat. When Bad Company made a revival in the early 90’s every song that was played on the radio sounded exactly alike.

Hey, why stop when you got a good thing going:

  • B.B. King
  • Chuck Berry
  • CCR
  • AC/DC

to name a few

Reality Chuck
Agreed - Gary Puckett and the Union Gap take the musical cake for this category. It’s nice to see someone posted this because they were THE first thing that came to my mind too. Although they had those hits in the 1960’s, their remarkable reputation for musical sameness has not dimmed over the decades. (Another thing that bothered me about the Union Gap -was there really ever a Union Gap group? ALL the songs were backed by strings and horns - probably studio musicians. Anybody remember the drummer from the Union Gap? The bass player? I sure don’t. In fact, I think they never existed).

Okay another vote for lack of musical imagination - Kansas.

All Jack Johnson songs sound the same to me

AC/DC is a rather obvious example of this; any number of AC/DC songs are pretty much identical, especially any of the ones they’ve released since about 1985.

See I thought this hread was going to be about bands who released the actual same song over and over, which would make Dead or Alive a strong contender for the crown. I think they’ve released You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) on at least four separate occasions.

AC/DC do produce lots of very similar music, but they also produce some highly unique stuff like ‘Big Balls’, ‘Dirty deeds done dirt cheap’, and ‘For those about to rock’.

I like to think of Boston, which was as they say in the biz, producer-driven rather than artist-driven. In fact, the story was that Boston was signed to a recording contract on the strength of their producer, not anything the group had done.

During the 80’s, one of our local deejays was famous for doing elaborate song parodies that sounded authentic. I remember the first couplet from his Boston Parody:

Yes it’s still the same song
We’ve been playin’ all along…

I believe that the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been putting out the same song for about a decade.

Evanescence are 1000% guilty of this.

All Enigma albums sound the same, but since you only ever play Enigma to have some noise in the background and never actually listen to the stuff that’s perfectly acceptable.

Aerosmith seems like an obvious pop music example.

Ramones are the perfect example of this phenomenon, but in a very good way.

Ditto Bad Religion, but in a baaaaad way. :slight_smile:

Shit, most hard-core “genre” bands play the same damn thing over and over again. Look at Death Metal. Who can keep those fuckers straight?

With a few exceptions, KISS.

Creed and Linkin Park. Not that the songs are necessarily bad, but you’ve got problems when I can’t tell it’s a new song vs. the one from years ago.

Any rap band. All rap sounds the same… the c is silent.

Yeah, I’ve only heard a couple of their songs (or possibly more, they all sound the same) and had to wonder how many times they plan on using the slow, sad intro with the pianos and synths that explodes into a rock chorus.

From the sixties, the Dave Clark Five. I was a fan then, and recently bought their CD, The History Of The Dave Clark Five. As I played it for the first time (there are 50 tracks) I’m thinking to myself, ‘wow, I’ve heard everyone of these songs…didn’t realize they made that many hits’ and then, I’m thinking, you know…everyone of these songs sounds just like the song before it…and it was true! I select ANY track, and it’s like…didn’t that just play already? How the hell did they get away with that?

Every Andrew W.K. song I hear on the radio sounds exactly alike. Although, I heard him being interviewed on Champaign’s “Alternative Music Station” last month and he did sound like a very nice guy.