Bands with pictorial symbols

What bands have a visual symbol that represents them?

The only ones I can think of are the Red Hot Chili Peppers asterisk and the Ween Boognish.

The Stones lips/tongue thingie.

Coheed and Cambria.

The tongue.

A Perfect Circle
Rolling Stones

Led Zepplin had the four symbolssymbols

A bit obscure but theSTART has a logo of sorts, seen on one of their early demos and the singer’s left wrist.

Blue Oyster Cult

Blue Öyster Cult

Well, at least I had the correct letter Ö.

Oh yeah, and I’ll count the NIbackwardsN thing for Nine Inch Nails as a symbol.

The Grateful Dead

Radiohead’s Bear.

Grateful Dead: Skull and Roses and Dancing Bears.

How about Iron Maiden’s zombie corpse mascot guy Eddie?

Do black metal band logos count?

Queen have a crest designed by Freddie Mercury.

The Who often use an RAF roundel. They also have one with the name of the band that incorporates the male symbol.

There was a symbol on all of their album covers. I don’t know if it actually means Iron Maiden or if it was just the “signature” of the artist.

Prince started with his own first name, then became (glyph) The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, and now he’s back to his real name, Prince.

Queensryche’s symbol-thingie.