Bank Horror: The Conclusion (or is it?)

In Part One of our soap opera, my idiot bank put three debits through my account that were not mine, for a total of nearly $500.00. Two weeks and a couple of dozen phone calls later(and a brief interval in which they screwed up my direct deposit and lost my paycheck), we have a conclusion at last:

Three damaged checks were presented for payment – so badly damaged that they couldn’t really read them. So my idiot bank just took a wild-ass guess as to who to charge them to. My real name is Brida – turns out the checks belong to a Brian with the same last name. So rather than fraud, we have a case of Three Stooges-level stupidity. And I still don’t have my money back – that will take “a couple of days.”

I have been deprived of my money, though my bank’s staggering and monumental idiocy, and now they KNOW THAT – and they still won’t give me my money.

But they did promise to write a letter of apology :o


Wow. That really is monumental incompetence. Couldn’t they have called and tried to find out who had written the checks, instead of guessing? (you know, done something radical like, oh I don’t know, called you on the telephone and asked?)

Sorry, I let my sarcasm out of its cage, and now I can’t get it back in.

The Cat In The Hat

Cant wait to hear what form apology letter 3.1 sounds like… They definitely are a bunch of incompetents!!!

We are, each of us angels with only one wing;
and we can only fly by
embracing one another

Time to close that bank account, Catrandom. (Well, wait until you get your money back first.)

Ouch. It’s actions like that which make all bankers appear to be stupid fools. (apologies to Satan and jodih).

Yup. And I’m just in shock from the whole thing. I mean, banks are supposed to keep people from stealing your money, not steal it themselves. I wish there was some way I could file criminal charges against them.

I have found out who the proper regulatory agency is, and will also be writing letters to the biggest names I can find at the bank itself. Not that that helps me, but perhaps I can stir up enough trouble that they’ll be more careful.

Catrandom, who still doesn’t have her money back.


Where in the world did you ever get an idea like that?