Banning possible spammers?

I was wondering about the board policy regarding possible spammers. Given that users with names like “fuckthemods” are dispatched without posting, do people whose usernames suggest they’re only interested in flogging stuff get a chance?

This guy calls himself free 2 Has a homepage with the same name. Just registered. Intrests include SEX and FREE SEX. Of course, it is possible that he’s going to be a worthwhile poster, like the Bad Astronomer. Does he get a chance, or is he gone?

If you think that a username is inappropriate or that a user should be banned, the expected course of action is to e-mail a staff member. I shall add something to that effect to the FAQ.

For some reason, when I glanced at this post, the afterimage was that of “Astronomically Bad SEX”.

And after several years on the 'net, Anthracite, it would not surprise me at all to stumble across some website devoted to such.

No comment.