Bao-chai or Dai-yu? Others?

If you were Bao-yu, would you go for Bao-chai or Dai-yu? Sometimes I think I would go for Dai-yu, and other times I think I couldn’t stand to be in the same room with her for ten minutes.

What others float your boat? Xi-feng was a mean stingy two-faced bitch, but sometimes I think that might be a turn-on. Aroma? Tan-chun? Tell me who you like and why.

No wonder nobody has replied.
What the hell are you on about?. Most messages on this site are in English and I though I understood English up until now.
You have shattered my self confidence!!!

I’m thinking the contest between Bao-chai and Dai-yu ought to be decided by mud wrestling or foxy boxing.

I guess that’s what we’ll get when the movie version of Dream of the Red Chamber comes out, directed by Paul Van Verhooven. What an image!

I think Rick Hunter shoulda married Minmei.