Barack Obama is bad for the health care system!

It started out like any other day in the ER. Plenty of people with chest pain and belly pain. Maybe a few shortnesses of breath and car accidents mixed in. Then all of a sudden the syncopes started rolling in.

No fewer than eight (and probably closer to ten or twelve) little old ladies passed out waiting in line at the Obama rally here today. Most of them were fine. Maybe a little dehydrated, got some fluids, a crappy sandwich and sent home. But, damn, he must have been whipping them all into a frenzy!

"'Scuze me while I whip this out . . . "
It’s one of the reasons I’m voting for him. :smiley:

If Obama did a Blazin’ Saddles quote in one of his speeches, I think I’d die laughing.

I was picturing something more like The Producers:

They were helpless
They were hopeless
Then along came Obama!

Now we know how he raised all that money for his campaign… :smiley:

In Alabama, Joe Biden could say, “Say, Boys! Lookie what I have here!” and then pull Obama up from behind the podium.

Hell, I might even vote for him then!

I think Obama should show up at a NOW meeting and say “Where the white women at?”

The Senator is a-near!

Where were you? There were at least 2 of those *during *his 30 minute speech in Greensboro, NC on Saturday. He worked it right into his speech “Can we get an EMT up here? Give them some space. I’m sure they’ll be alright. Thank you.” And right back to the politics.

I was in the ER in Greensboro taking care of them. It was a lot more than two. Some of them passed out waiting for him to arrive.

Did Biden give him a “laurel and hardy handshake?”

I was only aware of the ones during the actual speech. And I was way too far back to actually see anyone (and there were about 2 blocks more people behind me!). It wasn’t even particularly hot out, but they did make people walk a tremendous loop around downtown to get to the venue.

Thanks for taking care of folks!