Barbie is Jewish? Who knew?

How’d they know she’s Jewish? She looks like a shiksa to me. I’ve never met any Jewish women with permanently bent feet.

Maybe they figured it out by looking at Ken. Disrobe him and you’ll see. He looks cut.

If little girls in Saudi Arabia play with Barbie and Ken the way most little girls I knew did, darn tooting it’s a threat to morality!

Well you learn something new everyday

No wonder the Barbies in my house look like they’re starving to death. I don’t shop Kosher.

Jewish - actually Isarali - Barbie Joke (never thought I’d get a chance to use this):

This is what you get for being a goyim teaching at a Jewish school… dirty jokes in Hebrew :smiley:

[sup]Translations on request[/sup]

Translation requested.

Here’s my Barbie joke:

A little girl asked her mom to get a GI Joe doll for her Barbie collection. Her mom said, “Don’t you know Barbie comes with Ken?” The little girl said “No, Barbie dates Ken, but she comes with GI Joe.”

The word ken in Hebrew means “yes”

Well, if they’re jewish, at least they should come with yamika’s and little toy dreydles.

This explains why they never made a “Country Club Barbie.”

Funny, she doesn’t look Jewish!

Stop hitting me!


[sub]Note for the uninitiated: I’m Jewish, and I don’t look it, either. ;j[/sub]

Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. (I have no idea why this datapoint is swimming around in my gray matter, but there you have it.) I’ve never met a Jewish woman named “Millicent” but that’s just me.

Nevertheless, please remember that this is coming from the country where the religious police forced a bunch of little girls back inside their burning schoolhouse, where they all died, because they didn’t have on proper religious headcovers and garb when they fled for their lives. Their position on Barbie dolls shouldn’t surprise anyone. Our noble allies have serious issues about any woman that isn’t covered head to toe in a black sheet in the desert sun, walking ten paces behind the man who must be accompanying her in public, not talking out of turn (or at all, in certain circumstances) or exerting anything that resembles basic human autonomy.

In short, par for the Saudi course.

She has a Jewish mother..

Little Skipper