Iranian Judge says Barbie dolld a "Moral Threat to the nation"!

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So much for reason from the re;ligionof peace! :confused:

Aw, c’mon. Barbie is a paragon of virgin virtue. She has to be: Barbie doesn’t have any genitalia. No nipples, either. If Barbie wanted to perform immoral sexual acts, she’d have to use that teeny-tiny mouth. Which is just painted on.

What does it have to do with Islam being a religion of peace, or not? They are just finding them offensive to their brand of morality, just as some Christian preachers occasionally find some games or toys offensive to Christianity. It may be wrong-headed, but it’s not a declaration of war on Barbie dolls.

He’s just aghast at the way Iranian women get all dolled up to go out for dinner. :slight_smile:

Seriously. Peace=Barbie?

That’s Mattel’s marketing problem. I don’t care if they are banned there.

If Barbie dolls are outlawed, only infidels will have Barbie dolls.

Who needs nukes when we can just carpet the place in Barbie Dolls?

I knew for sure the world had gone crazy when ex-Soviet Communists were called “conservatives.”
THIS just makes me give up altogether.