Barbra Streisand's "Christmas Album"

Ummm . . . Isn’t she, ummm, Jewish? I mean, I don’t expect her to release an album of her singing The Dreidel Song over and over again (it’s the only damn song we’ve GOT), but what the hell is a famously Jewish personality doing releasing a CHRISTMAS album?

Not that I would buy a Barbra Streisand album even if it were full of songs about how wonderful Eve is . . .

Well, that would go a long way towards explaining why she sang Jingle Bells too dang fast… she just doesn’t get it…

Excluding those entertainers of the Jewish persuasion from the Christmas bandwagon would have put a muy serioso crimp on the entertainment industry back in the latter part of the 20th century.

Oh come on, Eve! What do you expect? Mrs. Brolin (or is he Mr. Streisand? The latter, probably) is a self-annointed expert on everything from international affairs to particle physics to brain surgery. Whipping out an album of standards for a holiday she doesn’t celebrate and probably looks upon as one more Eurocentric attempt by Soulless Corporations to Exploit The Masses is no big deal for her.

Witness her castigation of the Democratic caucus for failing to support Al Gore. And don’t forget her constant impassioned pleas before various committees investigating the issue du jour. Yes, if you’re a celebrity it’s a good thing to lend your support to causes. But don’t act as though each and every issue you stick your nose into is something that you’ve Cared About For Years And Have Educated Yourself On To The Nth Degree when it’s obvious you’ve only hopped on the bandwagon a few weeks ago and can’t spout off more than what some PR flack has written down on your cheat sheet.

[OK, OK. . .I’m calming down before I hijack this thread into the Pit.]

Anyhow, the answer is probably that anyone with an ego the size of Bauhbra’s thinks she can transcend mere things like culture and religion. It’s not the fact she’s Jewish that bothers me, it’s the fact that she probably thinks Christendom should change its traditions to fall in line with her expectations of how Christmas should be celebrated.

Just my $.02.


Hmmm, and I’d forgotten about Irving Berlin’s "White Christmas . . . "

The thing about Bubby Strident is she forgot why we liked her in the first place, back in the 1960s: she was a goofy, self-effacing Jewish goil from Brooklyn. Then, in the 1970s, she was deified and assumed into Meglomaniac Heaven. Now that she’s married to Dr. Kiley, I keep expecting Consuelo to come in with the ominous X-ray results . . .

Ah, c’mon, give the big doofus a break…Bing Crosby, Mahalia Jackson, Burl Ives, The Platters, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis all did Christmas albums, and THEY’RE Jewish.

I have an old Firestone Christmas Hits or somesuch album from the 1960’s; while I can’t say I remotely agree with her politics she has a version of “Silent Night” that is probably the best you’ll ever hear from anyone.

Is that some kind of crack?


Is that the new Jingle Bell (medley?) thing with the maniacal Jing!-Jing!-Jing! bit?

Because I just heard yesterday it while I was at Kmart buying lightbulb. Being at Kmart surrounded by Kmart christmas shoppers is inherently depressing, but this song sounds like music to kill all your relatives with an icepick to …

Actually, if you think about it, most of the popular Christmas songs were written by Jews. In addition to Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas,” there’s Mel Torme’s "The Christmas Song, Felix Mendelssohn’s “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” Johnny Marks’ "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer,"and a host of others. After all, most of Tin Pan Alley’s best songwriters were Jewish.

Now, I don’t much like Barbra Streisand, but it seems silly to single her out. Beyond Streisand, I’ve seen Christmas albums by Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, Kenny G, and a plethora of other Jewish artists.

And, considering that the whole feast is a celebration of a nice Jewish boy’s birthday, that seems only appropriate.

I have fond memories of seeing a show at the St Kilda “Les Girls” Nightclub, featuring the usual semi-talented drag queens. In the midst of tired tit jokes and caustic heckling of the audience (that is, the audience were being heckled from the stage) there was a Serious Moment, during which a plump drag queen mimed to Barbra’s version of “Silent Night”.

Our table saw the funny side, giggled and were hissed by fellow patrons, who unlike us, were suitably moved by it all.

I eagerly await her album of arab music to celebrate the bravery of the women of Afghanistan.


Tell 'em Ike!

I have one of the few existing copies of Elvin Perlstein’s (aka Elvis Presley) first attempts at “Blue Christmas.”

“Oy, will I have a blue Christmas without you.”

And you folks thought he was from Memphis.

To nitpick astorian:

Mendelssohn was born Jewish, but he later converted. I tend to think of him as Jewish too, since my first experience of him was a picture of him in Mad Magazine with a yarmulke.

Whatever her religious and performing preferences, somebody needs to beat Babs with a burlap sack full of oranges. She makes me ill, and I don’t much care for her voice either.

What’s this about Elvis?
Anyone have a cite on his being anything except SOuthern Baptist?

Well, his middle name WAS “Aron.”

No one but Eve could prompt me to open a thread with as unpromising a subject as “Barbra Streisand’s Christmas Album”.

That said, it’s time to admit that Christmas is the Shimmer of holidays; it’s a religious and a secular holiday. So non-Christians can get pissed off over Nativity scenes and “Silent Night” while Christians get their panties in a bind over Santa Claus and “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer”. That’s the true beauty of Christmas; all kinds of people gathering together to complain.

Or, in the words of Bart Simpson, Christmas is “the time of year when people of all faiths gather together to worship Jesus.”

"That said, it’s time to admit that Christmas is the Shimmer of holidays . . . "

—Oh, lordie, I’m old enough to GET that!

God- that song makes me freaking shudder. (her version) Oh, the humanity!


Yikes, “Shimmer”–first season of SNL “It’s a floor wax AND a dessert topping.”

I got no problem with Babs warbling out some Xmas tunes. The babe’s still got a faboo set of pipes, and she can sing “Ave Maria” like she was da Voigin her own bad self.

Jingle Bells makes me think of Russia and pogorms.