Bare Breasted Natives

When the French and English started settling North America, did they encounter bare breasted native women?

I don’t have any factual knowledge, but common sense says that in the northern regions, during the colder months, it seems only logical people would cover the upper part of their body.

Still, the first hand accounts that I’ve read never seem to mention it outright. It could be they used code expressions, like the term “savage.”

Also, cultural morays could have varied a lot amongst different tribes and peoples.

After that useless comment, I’m curious to hear from those who are better informed.{B68EF45D-6479-4348-A38A-7200F20407BA}{7905C263-D28B-43B6-A850-58DD20838D46}

Why do you ask?

I think you mean “cultural mores”, although I’m now being entertained by mental images of suave, sophisticated cosmopolitan eels. :smiley:

(And finding the word “cosmopolitan” in the linked passage was the icing on the cake, really.)