Baretta Arrested!

After a year’s investigation, it looks like they finally decided he was involved.

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time

Don’t do it

…and that’s the name of that tune!!

[sub]astro flees for his life[/sub]

I saw the white car and the caption across the bottom of the screen on CNN just now. Here we go again, Goddamn it! Yet another excuse for the cable news networks to bombard us with fluff news for the spring and summer instead of focusing on real news and issues. Even more talking head lawyers, gossip reporters, and celebrity “friends” yacking away all day. Why couldn’t Robert Blake kill Dan Abrams, Greta Van Susteren, Alan Dershowitz, Geraldo Rivera, or Larry King? It’s going to be a long summer…

And the Little Rascals curse lives on.

Glad to see life in these United States is getting back to normal.

Say, what’s Gary Condit up to lately?

What Little Rascals curse?

That reminds me …

Did you hear that when Buckwheat grew up, he became Muslim? Know what his Muslim name was?

… wait for it …

“Kareem of Wheat” :smiley:

I wonder why now. What’s different, almost a year later, that they finally decide he’s a suspect?

He’s always been a suspect. I guess now they think they have enough to hang him with.

You do know that Blake was a member of Our Gang (as they called “The Little Rascals” back then)? He used his real name – Mickey Gubitosi. This was toward the end of the series, when they had moved to MGM; those episodes don’t appear on TV all that much.

He also had a small part in “The Treasure of Sierra Madre” as the newsboy who sells Humphrey Bogart a paper.

Lots of “Our Gang” actors had trouble adjusting the adult life.

I volunteer to adopt the bird…Fred


I meant the Little Rascals thing as a joke, but several of them died relatively young or under strange circumstances, or became drug addicts, etc. It’s probably more of a “child star who can’t adjust to growing up” kind of thing rather than a curse. Spanky seemed to grow up to be a well adjusted guy, but Robert Blake is screwed up. Ever see him on Tom Snyder’s show? His story about Alfafa drowning a goat was so sick and funny at the same time.

Wow! Finally. I was anticipating this news for a couple of months after the murder, but in the last few months I figured it was never going to happen.

Will be interesting to see what they’ve got on him. He looks as guilty as sin when you take into account the confusion over exactly why he left her in the car. Surely if he is involved, he could have come up with a better story than “I left my gun behind”?

C’mon, Johnny, you know what I meant! (Sorry I missed seeing your latest pirate boat, but I HAD to go visit family instead of to Farrel’s.) I mean, I wonder why they’re saying on the record that he’s a suspect; what do they have on him that they didn’t before? Or what happened to destroy the already rickety alibi cazzle mentioned?

Just watched the press conference by the LAPD. Apparently they have 900 pieces of evidence pointing to him and his bodyguard. Jeez, Bobby, ever hear of a PAPER TRAIL?!?!? I think Brittany Spears could’ve masterminded a cleaner murder than that!
(I feel bad. One of my guilty pleasures in High School was the show “Helltown.” Where else could you have a character named “One Ball?”)

Britney doesn’t have to murder people. She could just put them in a locked room with a 5 foot length of rope and her cd’s playing in “repeat” mode…

THANK you, Widdershins! In what universe is a police car taking someone to jail “news?” I mean, there WERE a few other things going on yesterday: two wars, a plane crash, a train wreck . . . But no, CNN and MSNBC followed that fucking car down the highway for NINETY GODDAM MINUTES. “Yes, Bob, I see it—yes, it HAS stopped at a traffic light.”

It’s like the summer stock version of O.J. . . .

The same universe which consideres denials to be “news”. “We Enron executives did nothing wrong.” “I did not kill my wife, I just had to go back for my gun.” “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Sorry, people saying exactly what we expect them to say is not news. It would be news if they made an admission of guilt right when the story broke!

Not entirely unexpected, but sad in a way, I really liked the show “Baretta” when I was a kid.

Yet another member of the Hollyweird society that thinks they are above the law. :frowning:

I don’t know… this story sure raised Greta’s eyebrows.

“I don’t know… this story sure raised Greta’s eyebrows.”

—Garbo rose from the dead to be surprised by Robert Blake? "I t’ank I go home now . . . "