Does ANYONE think maybe Robert Blake DIDNT do it?

My mother is convinced that the whole thing was planned, but Ithinkif he wanteds to kill her, he could have just had someone break in and make it look like a botched robbery.

She counters with : “well, he must be guilty, its all over the news.”

Am I naive to hope he didnt do it?

I haven’t really read any of the news stories, so I’m unaware of any evidence against him. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt until I hear of evidence linking him to the crime (which might only take me reading a story on


You do know you’re setting yourself up to be a perfect juror for this trial…

I haven’t been following this thing very closely either.

But as for the line, “He must be guilty, it’s all over the news…”
Remind your mother of that security guard in Atlanta during the Olympics (I forget his name). It was all over the news that he planted the bomb he found so he could play hero. It later turned out to not be true and NBC ended up giving him airtime to dispute what was said about him and an undisclosed amount of money as a court settlement.

So keep your hopes up, cuz the news gets things wrong all the time.

Oooooooooo, thats a good one Crunchy! thank you!!!

I dont know, why but I really want to be innocent.

security guard at the olympics - perfect!!

want HIM to be innocent.

I am really fucking tired.

no more typing for me.

good thing I have an alibi, that typo looks BAD!!

And remind her about O.J. Simpson who, despite early media reports which implied he was guilty of murder, was eventually exonerated and found innocent.

Just to tie up the loose end, the guy you’re talking about is Richard Jewel. He not only got money out of NBC, but he got some cash from ABC, CBS, and CNN, to name a few.

Once again, the FBI ain’t what it claims to be.

Forgive my ignorance, but who didn’t do what? It wasn’t on any news that I heard

Except they don’t find people innocent, just “not guilty”. If they’re “pretty sure” you did it , you should be acquitted in criminal court, but lose in civil court. Which OJ did.

Blake has been accused in the media of having his wife killed. Apparently, they went to dinner, and she was shot in the car. Blake had left her alone in the car in a contstruction area about a block and half away from the restaurant (which had valet parking) to retrieve a gun he had “forgotten” in the restaurant. Blake claims he was packing the piece because the wife (who was not very morally righteous, IMHO) felt she was being stalked.

This case has as many questions surrounding it as the OJ case did. I just hope the media learned its lesson the first time.

The previous thread is probably outdated by now, but some of the evidence in the case was discussed here:

The Late Mrs. Blake?Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser

I feel it’s important to recognize the damned near every single piece of information given to the media about the late Mrs. Blake, and most especially that information that portrays her in a negative light, has come from **Mr. ** Blakes attorney (who was retained quite soon after the death). And that this never ending stream of negative information has continued even after the police requested publically, that such disclosures stop.

On the OP. Yes, his son has come out publically and said his dad had nothing to do with it, as well as a good friend of Blakes, who has stated that he offered to kill her for Blake and Blake refused, saying the he had to make the marriage work.

As for me, personally, at this point, it’s hard for me to not believe he had something to do with it. But that’s based on what is available in the media

Buckwheat did it.


It was the BIRD!


Most but not all. I saw an interview with her brother on Dateline and he pretty much admitted that much of what Mr. Blake’s attorney said was truth. He had horrible things to say about her, but did think that Robert Blake had something to do with his wife’s murder.

Apparently I live in a cave or something. Who’s Robert Blake, and why should I care whether or not he killed his wife?

I presume Blake is innocent, and, in fact, he is innocent until the State proves that he is guilty. That’s how our system of laws works, and I like it that way. Being tried in the media is not the same as being tried in a court of law. We don’t know what parts of the story aren’t yet being told, or have not yet been discovered. We cannot weigh the credibility of various parties or witnesses without being present when they speak, we do not have access to all the relevent evidence, nor can we evaluate the merits of the case against Blake because the State has not yet made its case. All we have is speculation, and that’s not good enough for me to use to find anyone guilty.
Oh, waterj2 Robert Blake is an actor. He starred in a very popular crime drama in the '70’s (late 60’s?) called Baretta. There is no reason why you should care if he murdered his wife, but those of us who know his acting are a bit curious.

And let’s not forget The Little Rascals when he was a wee one.
The theme song from Baretta:

Don’t do the Crime if you can’t do the Time