Barking Spider, A Smirking But Moronic Little Drooling Bigot

Well, I am not one to often start pit threads. But a certain Barking Spider has so irritated me as to motivate me to do so.

This Janl fellow, he is simply a sad ranter, although unfortunate in that no doubt he and his kind are responsbile for some of the world’s sadness and evi. I leave him aside.

No, Barking Spider, this contemtible little git is the object of this post. Our dear Barking Spider who has so unably contributed gems to the thread Racism is Bunk.

Gems such as:

Apparently Apartheid just isn’t really oppression to our Barking Spider, although the rational really escapes me. I suppose that the mud people don’t really need rights, now do they? And that they were denied fair wages, market wages for the same jobs as performed by whites, well again the mud people really are just hewers of wood and drawers of water, eh wot?

Devil’s Advocate indeed. Rather our Barking Spider is of that nasty little pestilant breed, the cowardly racist who fears to own up to his prejudices. The contemptible, idiotic twit apparently thinks he disguises what he is with his non-questions.

But let me note this one:

My response in the thread is adequate, but this slimly little stupid fuck’s sneering non-question, in all its agape idiocy and gangreous smarminess is almost impressive in its putridness.

I am reminded of the General Questions thread he started in regards to the ‘race’ of ancient Egyptians. Look it up and review it. Ponder the opening question in its structure and sourcing. Cowardly, slouching disguise of his real attitudes and feelings behind non-questions and twisted bigoted observations.

If I were motivated enough by this stupid little fuck, I might actually go further, but this is enough for the moment.

Can I just add that his nasty little comment to Guin was totally inappropriate? I mean… revenge? Come on!

Hey, let’s be fair, there’s no evidence that Barking Spider drools.

Poetic license.

That’s the real neat thing about the neo-racists in America. They really don’t fool anyone who doesn’t want to be fooled into thinking that they aren’t racists. Well, maybe except themselves.

Hello all!

Please post where I said any race is superior to another race.{thats what racism is}

Also, collounsbury, a “bigot” is one who refuses to see all sides of an argument, thus the old saying “closed minded bigot”. I believe that definition applies to you.

Au contraire **BS[/s]. According to racism can be discrimination based on race and a racist comment can be based on racial intolerance. Minty green has a litany of your comments in the other relevant pit thread which fall under either category.

Okeley dokeley, you bigoted piece of shit. And for the record, nearly every one of the following quotes is Barking Spider’s entire post, so I’m not ripping a goddamned thing out of context. He also rarely bothers to follow up on his shit when his rectum explodes onto his keyboard, so don’t think I’m being deceptive there either. .

(I humbly submit that if you can’t see the palpable, explicit racism on janl’s site, you are a complete fucking racist. Or completely fucking moronic. Take your pick.)


A racist comparison if ever there was one, IMHO.
Your OP, “What race were the ancient Egyptians?”

From “Africa Sucks!”:

Yet you’re quick to defend white sensitivities:

On loud Latino music:

And then there’s the one Collounsbury just posted in the janl thread:

Originally by Barking Spider, quoted above by minty green:

OK, now I’m scared. He’s married. Might even reproduce.

Um, so the fact that when some jerk pulls beside me at a stoplight, blaring his loud ass music, and I respond by laying on my horn until he’s gone, THAT is racism by the Barking Spider?

Actually, WaterJ2, I HAVE reproduced! 3 little Spiders in my household!

Christ, he can find a wife, and I can’t even get a damn date.

:confused: :(:mad:

Actually my drooling imbecilic little fool, your challenge isn’t as difficult as your clumsy, cowardly dodging of your beliefs would lead you to think.

I point to the clear implication throughout the Janl threads, that Blacks could not have advanced but for the presence of whites. A recent post of course does a nice job of mocking your clumsy yet ever so typical use of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy, with the racist twist to deny alternate scenarios.

Believe what you like you stupid drooling contemptible piece of bigotted garbage, it is not as if a glimmer of reason might somehow come into the fetid swamp of your putrid stinking bigotted little feral brain.

However, as a point of fact, I do see what passes as your side, for all its mewling bigotry, it’s simply I reject it like any thinking, rational and well-educated person should for its anti-reason, for its ignorance and for its implicit unreasoning primal animalistic hatreds.

Very well, enough of that.

I too would like to say the nasty remark to Guin was way out of line.

And honestly … “Revenge is a dish best served cold” has to be one of the most overused, clichéd, hackneyed lines in modern English. Khan can get away with it because he’s effing Ricardo Montalban. Anyone else sounds lame, especially when it’s used like it was here, as the wannabe lit-geek equivalent of “Ooooh I burned you! Dis!”


Well, if one doesn’t have standards…

Yes, it is you stinking asshole.

See it’s the fucking content, you dishonest piece of garbage: the “multi-cultural” in the opening, the clear call to anti-Latino stereotyping…

As if one never runs into white boys playing loud music.

You are stupid little racist fuck.

Who? BS or his wife?

Folks, I have warned Barking Spider, so I’m gonna close this thread. Feelings are running too hot now.