Barney Miller and Bombs

I was watching some of the first episodes of Barney Miller on Hulu, and in the first episode, over the radio, two banks in Manhattan get blown up with bombs, and in the second episode there is a bomb planted in the police station.

WTF? This show aired before 9/11, and in the first episode, Barney acted like bombs going off in Manhattan was business as usual. Aside from the nut that wanted to blow up Edison (years earlier) where the hell did the writers get the idea that bombs were part of daily life in NYC? :rolleyes:

I always thought Barney Miller was a pretty good show, back in the day, but revisiting it, it seems pretty silly.

Eight bombings in New York in four months in 1969:

It gets a lot better after the first season.

Or maybe they remembered this.

Are you really saying that you think nobody ever thought of using a bomb before 9/11, not even when the same World Trade Center building was bombed in 1993? The 1920 bombing was the end of the anarchist bombing terrorist movement that had been going on for decades. Bombs have been the standard terror weapon for more than a century.

I know that nobody today remembers any history but this is appalling.

Even more startling from your link is this:

That would definitely put the Barney Miller nonchalance to bombing into perspective.

Since it debuted in January of 1975, the show was just a little past the ‘radical antiwar protest’ years - but it was still fresh enough in people’s minds that people could relate to it.

During the early 70s, many anti-Vietnam protesters grew frustrated with non-violent, pacifist methods of protest, since after a decade of peace marches the war had not only continued but escalated out of control. Many groups such as the Weathermen began to adopt more aggressive protest tactics - including setting off small bombs. Bombings by quasi-militant wingnut outfits weren’t an every-day occurrence, but they did happen.

There’s a great documentary about the Weathermen, and the early 70s era of radical left politics. It’s definitely worth a rental.

It’s amazing what a comeback NYC has made since that show aired. On the show NYC was presented as a decaying mess that would never come back to life. Shows how wrong we all were

Although it was prevented, there was this plot by a pro-Palestinian terrorist group in 1973. Also, between 1974 and 1977, there were a number of bombing incidents in New York that were the responsibility of the FALN, a Marxist paramilitary group that advocated independece for Puerto Rico.

So, as Cerowyn pointed out, bombings (or threats of bombings) were happening with enough frequency during the 70s that New Yorkers were seemingly becoming blase` about it.