Barry Bonds HR #756: Predict when and where!

I’m going to the game either next Thursday or Friday (7/26-27), I’m not sure which.

So I predict he’ll do it on Wednesday, 7/25.

If there is a merciful God, never. He’ll get hit by a meteorite before it happens.

If it does happen at Dodger Stadium, here’s hoping whoever catches it has the balls to throw it back onto the field as a show of contempt for Bonds.

Unfortunately, I think it’s pretty much time to stop asking Him for a meteorite and start petitioning for the continued health and welfare of the current and future former Yankee third baseman.

Good point.

“Dear Buddha, please bing me a pony, and a plastic rocket, and Alex Rodriguez playing for the Dodgers.”

You have to keep in mind that anybody in a position to catch a Bonds homer in Dodger Stadium is going to be in the All-You-Can-Eat section. Cheap seats and no alcohol, so they’re going to be focused on making money rather than showing Dodger pride. :smiley:

In all seriousness, though, I think that if there is ANY stadium in the majors where Bonds’ 756 would get thrown back on the field, it would be in Dodger Stadium.

ME too. :o

Maybe I’ll catch a game next week (though I wonder if there’ll be a run on tickets or not).

Oh for God’s sake. My worst nightmare looks to be coming true. Two to go for the record, and a three-game series at Dodger Stadium when the Dodgers’ pitching is at it’s season’s low point. Are there rules against intentionally walking a batter for the entire series? :smiley:

I will be at Tuesday’s and Thursday’s games, incidentally, but not seated in an area where I could potentially catch (and throw) a homerun ball.

If there is a baseball god, please let Barry break his hand while trying to punch a reporter during a press session today. Please?

You’re looking at this all wrong. You should be thrilled about the idea of Bonds breaking the record in a place where he’ll be booed off the field, where any honor or presentation will be drowned out be booing and screams of “Cheat! Cheat! Cheat!”

If Bonds breaks the record in San Francisco, the fans there will give you the impression that he’s NOT a despised jerk whose run at the record is tainted in the yes of most fans. At Chavez Ravine, the truth will be clear.

True, but as I think someone pointed out earlier, the replays of that day as time goes on will probably not include the fan noise. There will be flowery, magical music played in the background over the video of him making contact, and all you’ll see in the background is everyone in the stadium standing, yelling and waving their arms. Future generations won’t know the noises those fans were making.

But you’re right about what happens if he does it at home. When I went up to watch them play a couple of weeks ago in SF, I was flabbergasted by just how much the fans up there adore him, and I mean that genuinely. I didn’t realize just how much support he had up there. How people were giving him a standing ovation every time he finished a turn in BATTING PRACTICE, for God’s sake. It’s pretty pathetic.

But I’d still prefer him to do it at home than in my house.

Good points, RJ.

FWIW, before the season started I had a bet with a co-worker. I set the date, and he gets to pick over/under.

Knowing he was a Barry hater and would go “over” on anything reasonable, I set a late date: August 3rd. He went under. I figured I was dead.

It looks like it’s coming down to the wire.



How many times have you seen the clip of Aaron doing it? Fans are going crazy. Two guys run out on the field to run the bases with him. I think the feeling of the fans will be nicely conveyed for posterity.

I wasn’t basing my prediction on history. I just think historians might be squeamish about portraying the moment in such a negative light unless baseball ultimately decides that Bonds was bad for the game.

Not to mention the fact that if this does, indeed, happen at Dodger Stadium, there is going to be more than just loud booing going on. I suspect Bonds will need to be removed from the game afterward for his own safety, and Giants fans in attendance would do best to sit in the alcohol-free section. It will not be pretty.

Missed it by five days – what do I win?