Barry Bonds HR #756: Predict when and where!

As of right now, Barry Bonds is at home run #742, 14 away from breaking Hank Aaron’s all-time home run record.

Predict what day he hits the record-breaking #756. Simple as that.

Here is the Giants 2007 schedule

My prediction: June 22 at home vs. the Yankees

I’ll say June 25 at home vs. the Padres since I plan on going to that game. :slight_smile:

Friday July 13 at home vs the Dodgers

I’m very much thinking the Giants and MLB would prefer he hit it at home. You don’t really want the new home run recordholder to be greeted with a round of boos. I doubt the Giants would bench him if they were behind in an away game, but I could see him getting pulled if they’re leading in the later innings and Bonds is close to breaking the record.

Don’t care, so long as it isn’t Saturday, July 14th at home vs. the Dodgers. I just bought my tickets, and since they aren’t in the bleachers where I could actually catch the homerun ball, I’d really just prefer it wasn’t done against the Dodgers. I’m not sure I’d make it out of the stadium alive.

As to the OP, I’m going to predict that he has some kind of minor injury that slows him down a bit, and he doesn’t get the record until Sunday, August 12 in Pittsburgh. I suppose that would be bittersweet for him.

I predict he is walked at every at bat for the rest of his career.
A fella can dream…

Once is enough, eh? (IIRC, Aaron got his record-breaker against the Dodgers).

Exactly. And I had the dubious “pleasure” of watching on TV live when Fernando Tatis became part of history against the Dodgers as well.

But I have respect for Aaron and Tatis, and not so much for Bonds. I think I’ll probably be physically ill if I have to watch replays of #756 being hit against a Dodger pitcher until the end of my days.

Well, if dreaming is allowed, I’ll go with November 14, 2007 playing for the Folsom Prison team. :smiley:

So am I the first to say never?

Bonds will go down with an injury sometime in June or July and that will be the end of his chase for 756.

Well, I hope I’m there to see it against the Yankees, but if not, I hope it’s against the Dodgers.

Like #500.

And #71.

And #72.

And #73.

Hrm. S’been a while. Yeah, it’ll be the Dodgers.

What does it matter other than adding an exclamation point to the old Dow Chemicals motto.

“Better living through chemicals.”

May he suffer a flesh wound and have all his limbs fall off.

Good God, that would spark a riot. He’d be lucky to leave PNC Park alive.

Welp…seems about time to revive this thread given the topic. Bonds is only three away now after today’s effort against the Cubs. Could be any day now. The Dodgers have nearly two weeks to go before they have to see him again, so here’s hoping he gets it done quickly!

Not that there were many guesses offered up in this thread, but Fear the Turtle and I seem to be closest.

What I find funny is that this morning on KNBR (the Giant’s flagship station), the on-air personalities were yammering full time about Barry’s 2 jacks from yesterday.

I had to wait until I got to work and go online, to find out that the Giants lost 9 to 8.

Wow, was I off.

And if anyone would like to add a prediction, or update their old one, here’s the schedule Link.

Round one predictions do seem to be between Asimovian & Fear the Turtle
My new prediction: Monday, July 23 @ the Brewers. Could be sooner, but I don’t think Bonds will leave Milwaukee without seeing the recod broken. Unless, they hold him out of games this weekend, just so there’ll be a chance he can do it at home during the seven-game home stretch. I think he’s finally got out of his funk, and it’s only a matter of at bats now.

  1. 3 to go. Mmm…

The thing is, he’s been hot and cold all season, and even when he’s hot, he’s just as likely to bang out line drive singles and to-the-wall doubles as home runs. More pitchers are willing to pitch to him, but only because it’s easier to get him out; he struck out a number of times this season, IIRC.

I’d give at least a 20% chance of it happening in Milwaukee, but I’m sure as hell not putting money on it. I give a slight edge to one of the Atlanta games. If he reaches 755 in Milwaukee, it’s almost a sure thing.

If it happens in Milwaukee, though, that’s fine. I really don’t understand why Bonds should give a damn about Bud Selig for the same reason that I dont understand why anyone gives a damn about Bud Selig. He’s a friggin’ joke.

Hopefully Tuesday, when I’m in the club seats, but my roommate’s a Braves fan, so maybe I’ll just go with him to all the Braves games.