Barry Bonds

You may have heard the news that Rick Ankiel used HGH. What you will probably not hear in the Bonds-loving media is that the illegal drug operation which provided Ankiel his HGH was actually run by Barry Bonds.

Yes, Ankiel used HGH before it was banned by baseball (yet years after Bonds was accused of using it) so it is ok, and he may not be using now. But that does not excuse Bonds for setting up the illegal operation that provided the drugs to Ankiel in the first place.

Ironically, this same Bonds-owned illegal drug ring also provided Troy Glaus with steroids. The same Troy Glaus who was the MVP when the Angels defeated the Giants in the World Series.

Poetic justice, isn’t it? Bonds, apparently clean by that point, loses the world series to a team of cheaters hopped up on drugs from Bonds’ very own drug empire.

At least Troy Glaus (World Series title and MVP) didn’t make any history. Bonds would have a lot to answer for if he had.

Experts believe that of the 90% of baseball players who have used performance enhancers, every single one of them received their drugs from what they call the “Bonds Drug Cartel.” When are we going to put a stop to this? No wonder Bonds can’t play day games after night games, he must spend most of his time coordinating the drug shipments to athletes in almost every sport. The drug epidemic will only be solved once Bonds and his nefarious henchmen are put behind bars!

Oh, I am citing you so hard.

That came out wrong. Could we get a cite on this Bonds-run drug cartel?

Hell, I’ll even settle for evidence of a “Bonds-loving media”.

Jeff Kent, that you?

Barry Bonds snuck into my house and replaced my regular coffee with steroids.

Barry Bonds raped my mother with steroids and then burned my dog with what was left over.

The Bonds loving media?

Every single steroid using ball player got their drugs from Barry Bonds drug cartel?

Total bullshit.

Oh Barry,
You came and you gave drugs for money
But I need some more now,
Oh Barry

What you may not hear from the media is that Barry Bonds can squeeze a regulation baseball hard enough to make a quarter-carat diamond.

Even Wilford Brimley declines politely to fuck with Barry Bonds.

Barry Bonds doesn’t sleep. He waits.

Barry Bonds has a third fist under his beard.

Oh, wait…

Barry Bonds used performance enhancing drugs to to become a Clarence Clemmons look a like from the E Street Band. For this he should be banned from everything.

Barry Bonds’ head is so big from taking steriods, that the entire universe revolves around it.

Hence this thread.

Yeah, but did he pimp him out to a dogfighting ring before he killed him for losing?

And was this before or after he punched a stripper?

Why else would you burn a dog? I thought a dogfighting ring was implied.

Was that because he’s Black or was born in *southern * California? :wink:

Bonds is the head of the drug cartel that supplies funds to the Clintons, Bush, Cheney, Michael Deaver, Norman Hsu, dogfighting rings, the Israel Lobby and the FDA.


Reports are now coming out that Barry Bonds posed as a doctor in an internet chat, and prescribed HGH and steroids for Ankiel and Glaus. Maybe we can get Bonds for unlicensed practice of medicine, sort of like how we got Capone for tax evasion.

Post a link to some of these sources or shut up and go away.

Oh, and BTW, one cannot prescribe drugs in an internet chat room. One might advise drugs.

At least link to one or more of the reports, so we have something to point and laugh at besides just you…