baseball box score question

I usually look at the box scores in my local paper, but today I checked the ESPN.som boxscores to check on the Sox score.

After all of the regular information, and even the extra stuff like time of game, weather, attendance, and wind, there is something that says “game scores,” followed by each starting pitcher’s name and a number. I’ve never seen this in a boxscore before. (I assume ESPN has always used it, but like I said, I usually don’t look at their box scores.) Does anyone know what this “game scores” refers to? I don’t get it.

[Sorry if this should be in Cafe Society, but there is a factual answer to the question, I assume.]

From their Statistics Glossary page, nineiron :


Holy crap, what a useless statistic.

I wondered about that stat. OOTP uses it, and I never got around to looking it up.