baseball expression - snowcone?

The other night as I was listening to the Mariners Game someone hit a fly ball deep into the outfield. It was caught just at the base of the wall and the commentator said “That one was almost a snowcone.” Eh? What’s that supposed to mean? Can someone with a superior knowledge of ridiculous baseball-isms help me out here?

He barely caught it. The ball was half in and half out of the glove, sticking out of the top of the glove, when it was caught. The glove with half of the ball sticking out of the top kind of looks like a snow cone or an ice cream cone.


Did he really say “almost a snowcone”? WTF.

And whatdya mean, “ridiculous”? Anyone with half a brain coulda figured that one out.

Whassamatter, RM, undies twisted on ya this morning?

So “almost a snowcone” would mean a normal catch - there isn’t that much room for variation here. It’s either in the mit or sticking out or on the ground.

Dang smilinator’s whacked. Maybe. I dunno, how do these things work anyway?