Baseball HoF ballot announced--Does Darryl Kile belong?


Yes, it was a horrible tragedy, especially when you throw in what that asshat DJ in Phoenix did to Kile’s widow, but Kile wasn’t within 25 miles of having HoF credentials as a player.

That being said, there are a couple of impressive names on the ballot, such as Steve Garvey and Dave Parker.

So, anyone else think I’m the CRUELEST PERSON EVER for voting NO WAY on Kile’s getting into the HoF?

Not at all, you are entirely correct. This does not downplay the tragedy of his death, but the truth is he was not of Hall of Fame calibre and even if he was, the rule should not be waived.

There was thread on this when it was announced a few weeks ago.

IIRC, the Baseball Writers have placed players on the ballot who died before the 5 year eligibility period. Roberto Clemente was elected, and rightfully so. Clemente was a member of the 3000-hit club-- 3000 exactly as I recall. Thurman Munson was not elected, also rightfully so, he didn’t have the numbers. Both players died in plane crashes while active major leaguers.

As a St. Louis Cardinal fan, I don’t believe he should be or will be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Kile just didn’t have the numbers when he died. Nor in all likelihood would Kile have amassed the necessary statistics had he played out his career.

So no WSLer you are not THE CRUELEST PERSON EVER for believing DK does not belong in the Baseball HoF. But he certainly deserves to be on the ballot.

Interesting discussion here.

If dying was the ticket to the Hall, the place would be jammed full. No, he doesn’t deserve to make it. The Hall is for great ballplayers, not tragic stories.

If, by some bizarre circumstance, he gets in, I want to see Pete Rose’s face when the announcement is made.

As 5 time champ noted: Darryl Kile does not belong in the Hall of Fame.

I’d say he deserves a place in the Bowling/Cardinals Hall of Fame at least.

Isn’t there some rule that made him be automatically placed on the ballot?

I also don’t think he will/should be elected to the hall.

Um, if he doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall, he doesn’t deserve to be on the ballot. 5 time champ, I’m not sure what you mean by that.

And no, he was not one of the best players of all time at his position, nor was he the most dominant player of his generation at his position. So he’s not in, nor should he be considered.

The reason there is a 5 year waiting period is so that people make their decisions based on facts, rather than emotion.

Making an exception for a death seems rather stupid in that context.

The 5-year waiting period is not to prevent snap decisions, but rather to ensure that the player is really retired.

If you’re dead, you’re not making a comeback unless you happen to be named Lazarus.

And if being put on the ballot means that you should be in the HOF, then why bother having a ballot? The HOF ballot errs on the side of caution. Pretty much every player who was halfway good who played ten years gets put on the ballot.

I’d like to see the death exception scrapped. If I was a MLB player, I’d rather get in on my performance than be swept in by emotion following my death.

DK’s numbers simply do not add up to a HOF career. He really on had 4 seasons where you could say he was dominant. 5 of his 11 seasons showed losing records.

133 wins, a career ERA of 4.12. Not good enough for Cooperstown.

Tradgedy, yes. The writers will not elect DK to the Hall. It is a publicity move and probably a decent one considering the circumstances. Don’t worry, the Hall will not be tainted with mediocrity anymore than it already is…

As far as I know, every player with ten years service gets on the ballot, good or not. Well, you have to be a certain amount of good to get ten years in. Then if they don’t get a certain amount of votes (5% ?), they are dropped. Kile would have been on in 2007 anyway; the death exception to the waiting period seems to be becoming standard.

No, he won’t be elected, not should he be.

There is still a screening committee to determine who gets put on the ballot if they’ve played 10 years.

Some of the players who had 10 seasons and didn’t make the ballot whose last season was in 1997:
Damon Berryhill
Mike Bielecki
Darnell Coles
Mariano Duncan
Greg Gagne
Mike Gallego
Rene Gonzales
Kevin Gross
Mark Gubicza
Ron Karkovice
Joe Orsulak
Jody Reed
Bruce Ruffin
Don Slaught
John Smiley
Kevin Seitzer

I would say that Kile was slightly above that group in quality and probably the equal of someone like Danny Jackson, who is on the ballot for 2002.

But neither Kile nor Jackson will be elected.

Hey WSLer - what that asshat DJ in Phoenix did to Kile’s widow

What happened? I didn’t hear about it and I am curious.

jacksen9: Thread the First; Thread the Second. I believe there are external cites to be found within.

I belive that Daryl Kile’s name should be placed on the ballot for the election to the Baseball Hall of Fame because he meets the minimum requirements of 10 years of service, and died more than 6 prior to the next election.

I believe he should not be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame because his lifetime statistics do not warrant election. I further do not believe that the voters will elect him.

There is a very large difference between being nominated for, and being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. A relatively large number of players might be made eligible on the ballot, but only a very, very few should be elected.

Jackso9 The goat felching asshat in question is Beau Duran