baseball scoring (earned runs)?

The World Series game on Saturday night ended when a player got a non-out single, stole second and went to third on error on the steal. The next two batters were walked (standard strategy in such a case since it creates a force at home) and the following batter was credited with a hit which ended the game. The run was counted as earned, as though the two walks were independent of the error.

In general, the question of whether a run is earned or not is determined by replaing the inning as though the error had not happened. But suppose the inning is incomplete? Suppose, say, that without the walks, the runner at third had just scored on an infield hit and the game ended right there. Would the run then have been unearned? Does anyone know the scoring rules for an incomplete inning?

Per baseball rule 10.16, “For the purpose of determining earned runs, an intentional base on balls, regardless of the circumstances, shall be construed in exactly the same manner as any other base on balls”.

For incomplete innings, just go to the end of the inning and stop. If there’s a walk-off passed ball with the bases loaded and nobody out, the run is unearned, even though it probably eventually would have scored anyway.