Baseball Thread September 2008

I didn’t see that anyone had made this thread yet, or it got eaten during Amnesia Weekend, so I’m taking the liberty. I hope the rest of you won’t mind.

Well, this weekend is about to mark the final showdown between the contenders in the NL West (barring a Rockies charge this month). As of right now, the Dodgers trail the D-Backs by a game and a half, but are riding a 5-game winning streak (including the last two games played against the D-Backs). And the Dodgers are at home, where they have played quite well as of late. Should be fun! (dalej42, I’ll try to wave at the cameras for you during Sunday’s game :wink: )

How’s everyone else looking? What’s the status of your team in during the pennant race?

The Red Sox are sitting 5 games up in the wild card and 3 games down in the east. I find myself in the rather unique position of actually rooting for the Yankees so the Sawx have a chance to catch up to the Rays.

The oddest thing about the Red Sox right now is Pedroia batting clean-up. The guy’s 5’9", 180 lbs, and he’s batting behind David Ortiz. Weird.

Thanks Asimovian, with the confusion of the lost weekend, I kind of forgot this month.

The Yanks are in bad shape, but they are not dead yet.

We’ve won three straight but so has Boston. At least the Yanks closed ground on the Twins. Tampa might finally be faltering, which is mostly good news for the Red Sox. They are close now to first.

The Yanks are real thin in starters currently but the bullpen is doing great. If the hitters remember to hit each day, maybe the Yanks can make things interesting.

It looks like the Angels are the only lock currently. A very good team in a very poor division. Otherwise we have races everywhere and plenty of teams in the wildcard hunt.

I feel so dirty.

He’s probably something like 5’ 7" and 160 lbs.

The Brew Crew just got swept by the Mets, but are still 4.5 back of the Cubs in the Central and 4.5 ahead of Philly in the wild card.

In other news, the Giants called up 36-year-old Scott McClain the other day. He was the active minor-league home runs leader when he got the call, with 287 in 19 seasons. Yesterday, the old guy hit his first big-league HR.

Marlins beat Braves in front of 600 fans.

600!?! That’s substantially less than the attendance a pre-season game. I’ve been to parties that have close to that number.

I bet you wear a pink Red Sox hat, too.

[just kidding. mostly]

Yeah, it’s hard. I keep going back and forth on what my highest priority should be: what’s good for the Sox, or what’s bad for the Yanks. The former seems to be winning.

I was actually a Bartman away from rooting for the Yanks in the '03 series. I just couldn’t face the concept of the Cubs getting one first. Fortunately, I’ll never be faced with that choice again.

I honestly don’t understand how a major league baseball team could have just six hundred fans in attendance, even for a weekday day game.

And killing the ball. It’s rare enough to see a young player develop into a superstar, but his whole attitude, the way he loves the game, his neverending hustle, just brings a smile to my face every time he pops a homer or drills a double. That ball off the billboard above the Monster earlier this week was the hardest ball I’ve ever see him hit.

Sometimes, I wish I lived in a city that had that problem. Maybe someone here knows – do the ushers actually make any effort to force you into your purchased seat under those circumstances? I mean, if I bought Top Deck seats and 600 fans showed up, you can pretty well bet your ass I’m going to do whatever I can to move down to field level behind home plate. Honestly, it would save the stadium money since they wouldn’t have to keep the concession stands and whatnot open on multiple levels.

I remember well when I could do a walk up to almost any Yankee game. As recently as 1998. Only the Red Sox games, Opening Day and Old Timers Game were ever sold out in the old days. There is a huge difference between 2 million attendance and 4 million. I cannot even conceive of 600. I think my High School got that for a football game and my High School was terrible at football.

Baseball? What’s baseball? The only sport I’m familiar with is politics.

someone please help me.

South Florida fans are the most fickle in the United States. Putting a major league team there was a mistake. Most of the fans that do come throughout the year are fans of the opposing team. I have never met a Florida Marlins fan and I’ve never heard anyone discuss the Marlins on a non-South Florida sports show.

I’m eagerly awaiting this series between the D-backs and the Dodgers. The D-backs comeback against the Cards was a relief. The D-backs had looked horrible for the previous 17 innings. We’ll go in and take 2 out of 3 from the Dodgers.

The fire sales don’t help grow the fan base, either.

If you’re also weighing the three cinder blocks he’s standing on to get to 5’6", then maybe.

I’m just holding this post up for emphasis and will gladly refer back to it Sunday evening. :slight_smile:

My old high school once drew 2,000 for a football game, which doesn’t seem like much until you know that the town I grew up in had a population of 1,500. That’s an attendance of over three times the Marlins-Braves game.

As for baseball: I get the sense that the Phillies are, once again, about to phail, and phail terribly at that. Losing to the Nats to fall three games back? Inexcusable.

The AL central is just there for the taking and neither the Twins nor the Whitesox can seem to grab the ball and run with it. Both are just struggling right now to string some wins together.
I’m hoping the Angels can do some more damage to the Sox and the Twins can rebound at home with a series with the Tigers.
If both are this dismal through the month neither are going very far in the playoffs.

I don’t know, though. Those fire sales were accompanied by two World Series titles, which is a lot more than fans outside of Boston and the Bronx hope for in a typical decade. I’m just saying.