basketball fouling question

Excuse me, please, but I need to get this out of the way first:


I drive in for a layup and the defender slaps my hand after I release the ball. This is not a foul because my hand is “part of the ball” or something right? But if you touch my arm, it’s a foul?


It’s a judgment call. There is no solid answer on this.

Generally, referees don’t like to see players making contact with other players.

Hands are not part of the ball. If a hand is slapped while going for the ball a foul can be called.

Doesn’t mean it will be called.

I know that the defender can’t “reach in” on the ballhandler, I thought there was a specific rule for when in the act of shooting. Oh well, thanks.

In baseball, the hand is part of the bat. I didn’t think there was a similar rule in basketball though. A hand slap while shooting should be a foul