'Baskets' finale

Well, it ended pretty much as I thought it might, kind of up in the air, but with a tiny glimmer of hope that Chip and Martha might possible be an item, as much as they can, someday. Chip’s future is undetermined, but he doesn’t seem terribly distressed about it. Dale didn’t shoot anyone and is happy enough living in the trailer park. I was SO glad Christine and Ken sold that stupid rodeo, got married, and are moving away to Denver. So glad. She’s been supporting those floundering sons all her life, and at least in Denver she will have a nice family life with Ken’s family. That’s all she has ever wanted, really - a nice family life. Thank you, FX, Zac G, Louie Anderson, and Louis C.K…an odd little show, deadpan dark humor, but also touching. There will be a hole in my Thursday nights from now on.

Very nice little show. I’m glad I came upon it. Louie Anderson and Martha Kelly were real breakout stars.

I saw a description for Zach’s new project the other day (Between Two Ferns movie) and for some reason I immediately thought “Zach Galifinakis is going to be the new John Candy”. Like, over-the-top bigness to him but a ton of heart. It’s taken me a while to “get” him but I think Baskets brought me much closer.

Very nice to see that Christine ended up with a good man who genuinely loves her and doesn’t need fixing like her former husband or her sons. Louie Anderson has spoken a lot about channeling his mother as this character and I felt like he was having a bit of a conversation with himself as a son when playing Christine talking to Chip in the horse stall scene.

I don’t know if Chip and Martha will or need to hook up romantically. I think they both need a friend and they are going to do that for each other.

Nice little show.

It was a nice show, and the last episode was a good send-off. The inclusion of Penelope was a nice call-back to the early episodes. (BTW, when Penelope met Martha in the recording studio, she offered her tea. Martha declined, saying that she stopped at Starbucks four times on the way down and was wired. And yet she was the same sedate person she always was.) Both Chip and Dale seemed to have matured and grown and even Penelope was less of an asshole than she was earlier.

BTW, in previous seasons, the show had a weird product placement deal, with Martha working as an insurance adjuster at a Costco store and frequent mentions of Costco products.

And Arby’s. Don’t forget Arby’s, lol.

I too will miss Baskets. Christine/Louis made the show. He did such an amazing job. Maybe she could get her own show!

BTW, there was a weird moment in one of the last episodes. Christine and Ken were in an antique store or something like that, and for a moment Christine’s voice dropped, sounding more masculine. It was so weird I went back fifteen seconds to watch it again. Did anyone else notice that?

Interesting that you see this as a “product placement deal” and not “a funny recurring bit.”

Well, for one thing, I’ve never heard of Costco running its own insurance company so I assumed it was a form of product placement.

Man I actually got a little choked-up at the end when Chip climbed in the van to give his mom a hug. And I’m usually an emotional robot!