Bass guitar make/model?

In this video by the Japanese band “Deathgaze”, the bass player has a “V” shaped bass. I thought it might be an ESP or maybe a Dean, but I can’t find it on their sites or Google. Anyone know? Thanks.

Gibson does make a Flying V bass, but AFAIK only in a 4-string model and that is clearly a 5-string in the video. Also, the headstock is the wrong shape for a Gibson, looks more like a Schecter or a LTD or a Washburn or something to me. OTOH it could very well be a custom; several places will let you pick a shape for the body and then build you a custom guitar and its really not prohibitively expensive.

ETA: I love this band but that singer brings them down. When he’s not singing, tho, that is one awesome metal band.