Bastards who won't hire me

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I need a job. I need money. I’ve been handing out resumes like free toilet paper. When I get leads, I go to where the lead is and give my resume to the manager. Manager looks at my application/resume, pretends to be interested, ask me if they can contact me on my cell phone anytime, I say yes. They say they will give me a call. A month later, I’m still sitting in my room, surfing the internet, posting on message boards, waiting for someone call me.

Oi, I think this is more a rant on my incompetence than managers not calling me :mad:

Maybe it’s because you’re passing out resumes that are like free toilet paper.

Try following up. Phone a week later and ask if they’ve had a chance to look over the resume etc.

And use a higher-quality paper for printing your resume.

Tell me about it.

I have all this training on television and radio equipment, and yet all of the jobs in that field require a degree and/or experience.

I’m pretty sure that nobody else doing broadcast engineering right now has had to do it under 57 and 23 mm fire. Too bad nobody takes that under consideration.

Dude, I’m in the same exact position.

I actually got an interview at a branch of the Carnegie library here, and was estatic. I KNEW I did a fantastic job.

But they still hired someone else. I would have been perfect.

It sucks.

Isn’t that what most people call experience? I know Papa Tiger has hired lots of folks right out of a military tour for work in his computer room; maybe you should stress the fact that you “work well under pressure”!!!

Oh Guin, I’m so sorry. I was up for a job at a public library and another one at a bookstore (for a manager position) at the same time you posted about your interview. I didn’t get either, though my interviews went very well too. When I asked the human resources department at the library what gives, they said they had recieved over a hundred applications. Sucks, indeed. :frowning:

Good luck to everyone out there looking!

Ah, I truly do feel sympathetic to anyone who’s in my position. What makes me a little angry though is the way the PRETEND to be interested, yet they don’t even call to give me an interview. I seriously sleep with my cell phone next to me in case I sleep until 12 and miss a call.

A lot of you seem to be looking for a job in specific fields, as for me, I’m just a university student who will take anything for minimum wage. I need to pay my tuition and student loans just won’t be enough! I’ll take anything! Anything!!!

Umm, if you’re spending all day on the Internet, how can anyone call you? They’re probably all getting a busy signal.

But seriously…you do need to follow up more. Just waiting for a job to fall in your lap will get you nowhere. Your current job should be FINDING a job.

Good luck.

“ask me if they can contact me on my cell phone anytime”

Quick speedy cable connection actually. I’ve never had 56k/phone line connection before, just to put in a totally useless fact about myself.

Here’s what I think about absolutely wonderful interviews: THEY SUCK. I’ve had a few, too.

I think what happens is they write you off as soon as you walk through the door, so they say, “Okay. We won’t hire this person. But at least we can have a hell of an interesting conversation!” So I leave, all full of hope . . .
and send a nice, well-written followup letter . . .

only to never hear from them again.


Part of me wishes I could be a fly on the wall whenever some potential employer receives my application.

I strongly suspect, though, that what I would learn would depress me so much I’d just have to off myself. :frowning:

Ugh. You all have my deepest sympathies I just escaped from a 7 month spell of unemployment. I was also sending out resumes like free toliet paper and it seemed like they were vanishing into some sort of blackhole. I’d apply for jobs whose descricptions read like they were lifted directly from my resume and wouldn’t even so much as get a postcard telling me to fuck off. I think I was getting maybe one interview out of 100 resumes/applications mailed. Even more depressing is that I already have my degree and a couple years exp to back it up. I know that at least one, maybe two of my interviews were simply because the manager had to go through the motions of doing an outside search so they could turn around and do an internal hire or bring in a friend. Oh and then there was the MLM Pyramid Scheme fucktards pretending to be a consulting firm I interviewed with in May. Boy there’s nothing more demoralizing than getting all psyched up about getting called in for a second interview only to figure halfway through that it’s nothing more than a scam. Grr I’m still pissed off about that one…

Anyway, I eventually got a job not because of my own efforts at finding one and getting noticed but because a very good friend I’ve made since moving to Houston in Feburary put in a good word for me with his boss when he found out they needed someone in their IT department with my particular skills. So the end.

One final note, for those of you still looking for work I offer a pointer to for all of your unemployment based humor needs. Check out his flash cartoons.

I’m sorry about you being unemployed.
I just wanted to ask, have you tried calling these people back?
Don’t just wait for someone to call you.
I work @ a pizza place. I’ve seen tons of people come in and fill out an application. We accept the application, look it over and then either tell them to come in on our interview days or that we’ll get ahold of them. Then sometimes, we forget. We are busy all the time. Some people will come back in a week after they turned in an app. and ask if we have looked @ it. Sometimes they get the whole…we’ll call you again. Sometimes they get come in on interview day. Then there was this one kid. I call him a kid because he is 16. He came in, filled out an app. and we told him we’d call him. He came back a week later. Manager tells him come back at a more convenient time. This kid came back a week later and manager gives him a quick interview. She doesn’t get back to him, so he comes in AGAIN. She hired him on the spot. He was persistant as hell but he got the job.

Winner, we have a winner here. This kid will never be out of a job, as he will keep at it until he gets one. 7 up yours there is a wonderful lesson here. I would suggest that you close the browser, and hit the bricks.