Bathtubs and horses

Maybe this is a southern thing only, but there are several states that have a law that it is illegal to keep a horse in a bathtub. Now I am not one of the great propionates of the general population’s savvy, but this seems a little extreme. Does anyone know the origin? Thank you very much.

They use all the hot water.

“The thirteenth stroke of a clock is not only definitely wrong itself, but casts grave doubt upon the accuracy of the preceeding twelve.”

I am no expert on South Carolina, but I checked the “Virginia” entry. They mention nine current laws. Only five of them are accurate - and really only four, because one is technically correct but phrased by this site very deceptively.

Accordingly, I suggest that perhaps accuracy was not the chief concern of the creators of this web site.

  • Rick

A question about one of these laws pops up from time-to-time.

I agree with Bricker: there seems to be no concern for accuracy at all.

The site lists 23 English “laws”. By my reckoning, all but two or three are completely false and the ones that are true are phrased in a misleading way.