Silly laws

Ok, here in Europe ( i think) and in the US there are still silly but valid laws.
My question is: which ones do you know ?

(PS. I do not mean Murphy Law’s or so but real laws voted in the parliament)
I am curious. Z.

Like in Michigan, I think, where a woman remarked in a divorce proceeding that her husband performed oral sex on her and he got thrown in jail for it?

Here is a site with some listed by state:

I found one particular law while browsing Ohio’s ORC just for the hell of it:

Dyeing Rabbits

I hate it when links don’t work:
§ 925.62 Coloring rabbits or chicks prohibited.
Text of Statute
No person, firm, or corporation shall dye or otherwise color any rabbit or baby poultry, including, but not limited to, chicks and ducklings. No person, firm, or corporation shall sell, offer for sale, expose for sale, raffle, or give away any rabbit or baby poultry which has been dyed or otherwise colored. No poultry younger than four weeks of age may be sold, given away, or otherwise distributed to any person in lots of less than six. Stores, shops, vendors, and others offering young poultry for sale or other distribution shall provide and operate brooders or other heating devices that may be necessary to maintain poultry in good health, and shall keep adequate food and water available to the poultry at all times.

HISTORY: 134 v S 211. Eff 10-21-71.

Well, it’s just MHO, but how about the laws making Marjuana illegal?

Blue laws. Why I cannot hunt on Sunday I will never understand. Or buy beer for that matter. Those poor saps in Conneticut actually can’t buy beer after 8pm any day of the week!

You can’t own more than six dildoes in Texas.

[sub](I have no idea why that one cracks me up.)[/sub]
There’s a judge in San Antonio who performed the first legal lesbian marriage here a while back. Since one of the women is a post-op transexual and the state does not recognize transgenderism, they had no problem getting a marriage license. The judge went on record to invite any eligible couples to come on down and get married. Texas, we’re so far backwards we’re on the cutting edge…

Three words: British Licensing Laws. Pubs shutting at 11pm? 20 minutes’ drinking-up time!?! Crap.

Three more words: Irish Licensing Laws. OK the pubs shut at a decent hour, but what about restaurants not being allowed to serve beer unless they’ve got a special license? What about shops supermarkets not being allowed to sell booze unless they’ve got a special license?

As a practiced drinker (meaning I keep on practising) this makes me MMMMMAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDD. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :mad:

All the taxi cabs in London are breaking the law because they are supposed to carry a bale of hay to feed the horse !. Of course this dates back to the days of horse drawn cabs. Also the drivers are allowed to urinate against the nearside wheel of their cab. This also dates back to Victorian times and the rules have never been changed.

Apparently, right here in my home state of Texas, there is a law that allows one to be charged with a felony if you are pulled over for a traffic stop and they find a box of dildos in your car.

Morally upright holier-than-thou bastards need to leave well enough alone. :mad:

Until recently in Michigan, you could (theoretically) be thrown in jail for swearing in front of a woman or child.

Some jerkweed DA dredged up this old law and tried to send a guy to prison with it. You might have heard of this incident; the media dubbed it “The Case of the Cussing Canoeist.” Fortunately, the courts eventually sided with Mr. Canoe, and I assume that the law was ruled unconstitutional.

Just don’t go out and shoot [. Cuz according to the story, there’s a law against that one.

At least in the UK they just recently began debating the overturn of a British statute that requires pubs to close at 11PM.

[url=]said Mark Hastings, spokesperson for the British Beer and Pub Association](]A Horse Carrying 12-Year-Old Girl[/url)

oral sex is illegal here. supposedly.

wouldn’t that be an embarrasing arrest?

Me neither, since they’re used to crack you open.

Personally, I think STOP signs are stupid. Teach people the proper rules of right of way, and let fly!

Execute, don’t Interpret.


For those of you referring to law regarding dildos in Texas, it might be worth your while to check the Penal Code.

ul A person commits an offense if, knowing its content and character, he wholesale promotes or possesses with intent to wholesale promote any obscene material or obscene device.

(f) A person who possesses six or more obscene devices or identical or similar obscene articles is presumed to possess them with intent to promote the same.[/ul]
Promoting obscene devices is illegal. Having more than six gives rise to a presumption that you are possessing them with the intent to promote. This is one of those odd laws that makes selling the thing illegal, but does not make possessing the thing illegal.

No pun intended? :wink:

It’s not a penal code, it’s an educational model code.

[spoiler]Ok, if you just didn’t get the joke, here’s something from a local fetish shop’s website:



This one has a reason: Basically, it’s “baby rabbits and poultry are not toys!” When I was a kid, you could buy dyed chickies or bunnies at Easter time. Gosh, they were cute. My parents had raised animals before, and had set up good quarters for them. And none of us kids were mean to animals. But they all died within a week. I think the dyeing process is really bad for them.
Add that to the people who let their kids pet them for a day, then turned them loose to the wild, and it really is cruel.
-Another Primate