Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

A new DC Animated movie and true to form it is really good. The Animation style is Batman TAS which I liked. The voices are all spot on and the look of turn of the 20th Century Gotham is great.

Based on one of the Elseworlds, it may have even been the first one, it reimagines Batman, and Gotham as Victorian London haunted by Jack the Ripper. If you are a Batman fan, especially a Batman TAS fan I would recommend it.

It was, in deed, the first of the elseworlds. To be precise, it was before the Elseworlds line started. It was very successful, and fans asked for more alternate reality books. The Elseworlds line was started as a result.

As I recall, the book was set in 19th century America. Is the movie different? Is it really set in London?

No it’s definitely Gotham City in America but just has a Victorian era London vibe. Also the criminal is Jack the Ripper.