Batman vs Superman: Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor & Jeremy Irons is Alfred


I heard in the third installment of NuTrek, that Pine wants his ‘Khan blood’ to make him…well…eviler…I guess.

The point being, original creator not on board, sequel, enh…who cares. The trailer will give away how bad it will be, and we can all pretend it doesn’t exist.

At least the non-Spiderman Marvel properties aren’t completely compromised, IMHO.

I blame it all on Richard Donner, or Ilya Salkind, or Mario Puzo, or whoever the genius was who decided way back in the original conception of Superman: The Movie that Gene Hackman would play Luthor as more of a genial con man (with hair) than a cold-blooded psychopath with a personal vendetta against Superman and the genius and resources to be a genuine threat.

If Luthor isn’t written and played as a sort of Ahab character, then he isn’t Luthor.

I think it’s clear that they have no interest in making a Superman movie, just a movie that based on Superman. Loosely.

Turning Lex into Zuckerberg could work I guess…not the movie I want but still might be good.

Not necessarily. Some of Snyder’s trailers successfully hid the rot. The You. Are. Not. Alone. trailer taken in isolation made Man of Steel look like it could be a great alien attack movie. The Sucker Punch trailer showed the aspects that could have been awesome and not the stuff that made it not awesome. And so on. The movie is bound to be crap, but that might not be apparent at first glance if you don’t know Snyder.

And I agree with Kunilou. One of the local television stations has been showing the DCAU movies every week and the Lex Luthor who thinks he speaks for the world when he says Superman has to be stopped is much better than anything I expect from Eisenberg.

I think that they should get the real Zuckerberg to play Lex. Shave his head and everything. Let Eisenberg fill in at Fackbook while Zuckerberg is on location.

Are they the same age in most continuities/Ages in the comic books? In current continuity in the comic books?

Not being a comic book guy, I thought young Lex was a silly idea when the Smallville T.V. show started but then someone told me that it wasn’t out of line with the comic books.

Me, I just feel like Lex should be older. Wasn’t he POTUS for a while in the comic book!?!?!? I feel like his public face, his corporate empire should be well established by the time Superman comes on the scene.

I have no interest in this movie, but with every casting announcement my interest further reverses into negative numbers. It just sounds horrible.

I’m just glad they didn’t go with Bryan Cranston. Lex isn’t some wimpy suburban dad from a sitcom and actors can only be whatever they’ve been in the past.

Yes, and yes. There was a ~16 year period, between 1986 and 2003 where Lex was significantly older than Clark, but aside from that they’re always pretty much the same age, though Lex is occasionally a handful of years older.

The age requirement to be President is 35. At that time, Clark would have been…a slightly indeterminate age somewhere between that and 37, Lex maybe slightly older. (At the time, Superman officially got his start at 25, ‘the present’ variously given as 10 or 12 years after that.)

I think this is a case of the film’s producers trying to keep up with the times. I mean, what is our current model of genius inventor/billionaire? It’s people like Gates, Jobs, Brin and Zuckerberg - youngish, focused, borderline OCD. Show us a bald guy in his 50’s with an MBA and we’ll have a hard time believing he understands the technology he’s using - and technology, after all, is Luthor’s strong point, not muscles.

Lex Luthor is a geek. That’s the only way he can compete with a god in tights.

Slight correction…as Lex was President from 2001 to 2003, that would have been before he was reverted to Clark’s age - however, the point remains he’d still have been eligible, though unusually young, even were that part of the 59 years of the character’s history that he was Clark’s rough contemporary.

Well, Bill Gates/Steve Jobs is/was in his 50’s. So that’s definitely a safe, predictable route they could’ve taken. I’m just not freaked out by unusual choices. They actually excite me more.

‘Boy Genius’ Lex Luthor could be an amazing take on the character. We’d never know if safe and predictable sameness is all we allow for.

Ahem, for the record…

“I am not entirely sure I have confidence in DC’s casting decisions for Man of Steel II!”

…I’m sorry. I’m kinda bad at nerd rage. I’m a terrible internet guy. :frowning:

He plays young.

I had the same thought about Eisenberg at first, but then I realized that Eisenberg is very close in age (30) to the age of Michael Rosenbaum when he played Luthor in the *Smallville *series. I thought Rosenbaum did a fine job as Luthor. I can see Eisenberg in the part.

The part of Alfred basically requires someone who is older and British and distinguished-looking. I think Irons can pull that off.

My main concern about the film is still Ben Affleck in the role of Batman.

It wouldn’t have occurred to me, but Irons seems like an excellent choice. No opinion on Eisenberg (I never saw Tue Social Network on the grounds that facebook already takes up too much of my time), but I’m willing to give him a shot).



This. Give him a chance. We may very well be surprised at Eisenberg’s Luthor. People also bitched when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker.

I agree. He can play arrogant and brilliant. We saw that in The Social Network. I wonder if he can pull off the menace Lex Luthor needs though.

Jeremy’s iron.