Battery and Mobile Phone conundrum

I’ve had this mobile phone for about a year now. It’s a Sony Tipo. So far, so good. Lately, when I plug it in to charge, it will sometimes happen that either using my computer’s usb, or from a dedicated power supply unit using the house electrics, that the phone does not charge. Take out plug, plug it in again: nothing.

The charging light does not go on, and checking “Battery” shows “discharging”.

Then, if I reboot the Android OS, it will charge once more as always. So I am wondering if it is a battery problem or a hardware phone problem, or a software problem.

Can anyone offer a hint?

If it’s working dependably after a reboot, it’s software. Can you do a master clear on the phone, where you erase all data and settings? That has fixed this kind of thing for me when I was a cell phone tech support person.

I had a similar problem and it was the cable. Use a different cable and see.

During the reboot, are you disconnecting and reconnecting the cable? Or is it in for the reboot?
There could be a bug dealing with cable detection that behaves differently depending on the state of the system when the cable is plugged in.

You could also have an app that is messing with it. After the reboot, the app hasn’t run, so the process works normally.

When you say you unplug and replug…are you talking about the connection at the phone side, or the connection at the PC?

In any case, it does seem like a SW issue. Almost certainly not a battery problem.

Does your cell phone charger put out enough power? Some phones need 5V, 2A or 2.1A to reliably charge. A guess: If apps are using more power than the charger can supply, the phone won’t think it’s charging. A reboot means those apps get closed and so the phone is using less power, and the charger can supply enough. A higher-powered charger may help in that instance.

However, this usually happens with aftermarket chargers… if you’re still using the original one that came with the phone, you shouldn’t see this.