Battle of the Seth Rich Conspiracy Crackpots!

Competition to be the One True Patriot who blows the lid off the “Deep State Coverup” has escalated to an honest-to-goodness shooting with a vehicular homicide backup plan:

Pulling out enough quotes to adequately summarize the events would strain the boundaries of fair use, so I’ll briefly paraphrase:

[li]Wingnut#1 hires Wingnut#2 to dig up the Straight Dope on the Seth Rich conspiracy.[/li][li]Wingnut#2 starts horning in on Wingnut#1’s turf.[/li][li]Wingnut#1 takes exception to this and fires Wingnut#2.[/li][li]Wingnut#1 gets an Anonymous Hot Tip about evidence that will blow the lid off the Deep State Coverup.[/li][li]Wingnut#1 arrives at the letter-drop point, and is shot in the butt and nearly run over by Wingnut#2.[/li][/ol]

It’s like a MAD Magazine “Spy vs Spy” cartoon, only less connected to reality.