Battle of the Tribute/Cover Bands

Well, not so much a battle as a chance to share notables and favorites.

Aussie Pink Floyd performing Time

I give you, The Musical Box performing “Firth of Fifth” (the volume is low, might have to turn it up a bit).

Here’s the original.

I saw the documenary Rock School in the theater and loved it - NOT to be confused with the Hollywood film with Jack Black called School of Rock. (Yeah, I know the Hollywood rip-off came out first - documentaries can take a long time to finished and release). The documentary was about the Paul Green School of Rock, an after-school program for kids from 7 to 17. It gets the kids on stage playing classic rock in front of real audiences at real venues. The very best go on tour.

Since the movie came out, the school has grown to 30 locations around the US. I’ve taken to videotaping the performances of the Kansas City branch. They did two shows at the Record Bar in Westport, one a tribute to Black Sabbath with all the kids, and a second by the best player in the school, known as the House Band, performing a tribute to Progressive Rock.

Here’s a couple of clips:

Black Sabbath “War Pigs” (a bit sloppy - but the little girl playing drums is adorable)

Rush - Tom Sawyer (pretty damn tight - as good or better than most cover bands I’ve heard)

Oh, you want a battle? Bring it on. I got:

1683 dudes playing Smoke on the Water

under the leadership of…

Little dude rocking Wild Thing


Some backup from the Lenningrad Cowboys and the Russian Army Choir

I hope zoogirl shows up. She’s in an Alice Cooper tribute band and they’re incredibly good.

Until she does, here’s my future hookup singing about how she let me slip away…
Hey…it could happen. Like if she went to Hell, and was offered a way out if she’d do me…or something like that.

The Wholigans – Young Man Blues

A band called Sanctuary covered White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane.

I love this cover. Dave Mustaine from Megadeth does the leads.


The Musical Box was the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread title. I saw them do the Lamb… a few years ago. Perfect!

I followed up on this recommendation in the Christmas Album thread (thanks!) and now I’m a fan of The Fab Four:

I Saw Her Standing There/Twist And Shout