School of Rock - Do they think the audience is stupid?

Do the makers of School of Rock think the audience is stupid? When has there ever been a battle of the bands contest that was open to the pubic that was held on a weekday? I could maybe see a battle of the bands on a weekday in the summer at a festival, but not one held in the fall and indoors. Who would have a battle of the bands during the middle of the day? Why did the film-makers think they could get away with this?

Is this really that big of a deal?

And Van Helsing! My God! Do they really think we’re stupid enough to believe vampires exist?!

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Do the makers of School of Rock think the audience is stupid? QUOTE]

If you bought tickets to it, then yes, probably so. I’m sure they laughed all the way to the bank, then home, and probably were up half the night laughing as well.

I just watched this movie and had many such complaints… by the time the battle of the bands scene came along, I had given up on anything like a credible plot. I think you just have to look on it as a kids movie.

Because they thought the audience was smart enough to understand the concept of “dramatic license.”

more importantly, battle of the band festivals should be closed to the pubic, I mean seriously, that’s just gross.

Furthermore, why didn’t the cops pursue jack black after he fled the school? why was sarah silverman such a bitch? why was joan cusak the principle of a school?! she was in 16 Candles for God’s sake!

What I can’t understand is why she became so uptight after she burned down her brother’s business in Gross Point Blank.

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Not that it makes much difference, but the parent-teacher meetings took place after school, and went on for a while, so it was late in the day, if still light out, when the “battle” started. Maybe it was a Friday.

I did notice that it was light out when they rushed into the arena.

Am I being whooshed here? I’ve never heard of a Battle of the Bands that wasn’t open to the public. Isn’t that the idea? Whomever the public cheers for the loudest, wins. And what’s wrong with it being during the day, for that matter?

You’re kidding, right? Of all the things in the movie that don’t quite add up, that’s the one you have a raging hard-on about?

Like, no ID check for the new substitute teacher, even from payroll? Like, none of the kids ratting him out? Like, the kid who only plays the cymbals becomes a really good drummer inside a couple of weeks? Like, someone would buy the lame “stickittothemaniosis” story?

Some movies try to be realistic, but this isn’t one of them. It’s a silly, fun movie aimed at kids.

the OP misspelled “public,” omitting the “L.” I was being a picky bastard.

Okay, we love this movie at my house but we’ve wondered the same thing. Also, as Dewey and the boys are leaving the apartment to go to the Battle of the Bands they pass Ned and his girlfriend coming in with what looks like coffee and something in a bag, like it’s breakfast time or something. Didn’t the girlfriend make such a big deal about them having jobs? Isn’t she “an assistant to the mayor of this city - hello!”? Shouldn’t she be at work?

Okay so the plot is FULL of holes, but it’s still a really fun movie, perfect for the whole family! Let me tell you, as a mother of a guitar crazy five year old, I can forgive this movie anything because it has not bad language and no boobies.

Afer its initial popular run around Christmas, School of Rock continued to run as a midnight movie in a local theater. I went to see it at midnight, and I hadn’t been to a midnight movie in years. I later got a copy on DVD.

Kids!? Hummoof! Harumph!!

I should bring it along to Chi-Dope as background at somebody’s house party.

Th movie wa riddled with logical holes. Even the premise of Jack Black posing as a substitute teacher was laughably stupid. Any real prinicipal would have sniffed him out as a fraud in about fours seconds.

I thought it was entertaining just watch Jack Black with the kids and see the band come together. If the script had just found a way to have Jack Black helping some kids form a band and perform at a battle without any of the distracting “will he get found out?” nonsense it would have worked much better.

I always figured that the Parent’s night was on a Friday night and then subsequent meeting in the principal’s office was the next morning, presumably on a Saturday morning.

Then why were the kids there and in there school uniforms?

Oops there.

Some private schools have classes, or at least extracurricular activities, on Saturdays. This isn’t particularly common in the US, but a friend of mine attended a private American high school that had half-days on Saturday. Given the way the school was depicted in the movie, I’d go so far as to say it seems like just the sort of elite private school that would have a Saturday program of some kind.

They do…don’t they :confused: :smiley: