Battlefield 4 on PC - anyone getting it?

The early beta for people who pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition starts tomorrow morning, which means 'll probably pre-order tonight.

I haven’t followed BF4 too closely, I had a lot of fun to start with with BF3, but I hated the ridiculous leveling requirements. It was impossible to be competitive, especially with vehicles unless you devoted tons of time to level up our character. I prefer boosts on a per match basis perhaps alongside more OPTIONS opening up to you as you develop our character. Options that should be useful, fun, and interesting, but that shouldn’t be required or overpowered.

I’m hoping that changes with BF4. Anyone know?

Anyone picking it up?

It’s looking like this will be a PS4 pickup for me.

It’s going to be a gimped experience on current gen consoles, so I don’t blame you.

I pre-ordered so I’ll be getting a taste of the future tomorrow morning. It’s the first official “next gen” game running on a “next gen” engine, right?

Mind you, after Crysis 3 on PC, I don’t think I’ll be super impressed, but we’ll see.

I want it. I had tons of fun with bf3 multiplayer. I just really don’t think my computer can handle it.

I’m getting it; I know a guy who was part of the game development and his opinion is that it’s going to be pretty awesome on the Xbox One.

So I played for a few minutes this morning. Runs about the same as BF3 on my rig, but my PC is beefier than Beef.

I’ve got 2 GTX 680’s in SLI running a 2560x1440p panel. I had vsyn on, so my frame rate was 60 FPS without a single drop.

The most noticeable difference from BF3 on PC was destruction, and how it ties into the ebb and flow of combat a lot more. From having glass panels shot out from under me so that I fell to my death, or columns being brought down along with sections of roof which then create barriers, elevations, etc.

Crysis 3 on PC still looks better though :slight_smile:

Also I didn’t get a single kill :frowning: Everytime I got closed, someone robbed me.

Can I play it with a control pad?

I’m sure you can, but if you’re on PC you probably wouldn’t want to. Mouse+keyboard is way more precise.

You can play with a gamepad, yes.

I’m using it for whenever I get into a heli.

I had BF3 Premium so I have access to the beta. Will try it out tonight, it’s already preloaded.

On PC? Sure but you’ll be cannon fodder as infantry. You’ll have better luck using it with flying vehicles. In the beta, there’s only one attack chopper.

No one is using voice chat, no one is working together.

I’m Kinthalis on the stupid battlesite thingy EA keeps using for some reason. If you want to use voice chat and work together with someone that isn’t super good :wink: Send me an invite.

“War Tapes” is as immersive as ever. In fact, I feel audio design overall is improved considerably, from what was already pretty good sound engineering on BF3.

I’m also enjoying the “levolution” stuff, though I’m hoping there are tactical reasons for moving into the event and preventing it, hopefully based on other factors such as who’s winning, and possibly wha control points are being held and by whom.

Right now, on the BETa map, fighting a top the building is fun but bringing it down is pretty easy and there doesn’t seem to be any real tactical difference either way, I don’t think.

And man, when that building falls, it mother f’ing FALLS. It’s a thing of beauty. Last night I was harassing defenders on top with a transport heli when the thing got blown up. I was literally racing to get out of the way of the building, but I managed to dodge it.

Not that my crew had any confidence in me, since they jumped out the moment they saw the building coming down on top of us.

Beta is now live for everyone I believe.

So, get in there soldier!

Yes, purchased, and have been trying the beta. I expect I will have to purchase a new graphics card at some point as my Nvidia 460 is struggling. There appear to be some interesting changes in the balance of the game.