Battlefield V

I don’t play many computer games but I did play Battlefield 4 and 1. I’m not very good and blame it on my sluggish PC but really I’m just not very good. The BFV open beta ran a couple weeks back and I tried it out.

It looks and feels very similar to 1 IMO (just in world war 2 now instead of world war 1), although I was surprised it ran better. Granted I’m running both on “low” graphics settings.

The major mechanics change I noticed is the lack of 3d spotting. You can plop down temporary map markers, and scouts can use a spotting scope for spotting. But no more spamming Q or using 4’s autospotters.

Did anyone else try it out?

Looks like the game is currently set to release November 20th. We’ll probably get two PC copies to play together.

I did try it out. BF1 converted me from a COD fan and I’m very much looking forward to this. I played a bit of the beta, but not nearly as much as I wanted because life got in the way. Can’t wait to play more, though it didn’t surprise me the release got pushed back to November cause it sure seemed like it needed more polish. Base gameplay was solid, though.

Most 3D spotting is out, but the Scout class does have a spotting scope or some such item that functions similarly. Very interesting to find a good vantage spot and influence the battle through spotting enemies. Unfortunately, you have to do this to the exclusion of actually shooting, so it’s not for everyone and only gets you middling points at best.

The COD series has been a huge disappointment since I got hooked on BF1, but the new Blackout mode in the upcoming CODBlOps looks like it could catch my interest again (a map that’s not a postage stamp!). It will be interesting to see how the similar mode in BFV stacks up.

I’m looking forward to see how the Battle Royale plays out, and how it stacks up against PUBG, Fortnight, etc.

I haven’t tried any of those games, but I’ll certainly try that mode.

I noticed the squad size in the beta was only four, down from five in BF1. I like the larger squad.

I don’t think I’ll buy it straight out, but origin has a premium sub service for $15 a month that allows bf5 and pretty much all their games, so I may get that for a few months and play it. Curious to see the BR mode - someone has to do a good one eventually even if we’re gonna get burned out by everything being part of a BR cash in for the next 3 years or so. Battlefield would be unique if it allowed fighting vehicle gameplay.