Battlefield Bad company 2, PC, explain the limited edition unlocks.

Forgive me for starting a new thread about this. But the internet is proving to be difficult to get this information from.

I have the limited edition. I entered a code under a ‘redeem code’ option in the multiplayer menu.

I am having trouble understanding what difference it has made (i.e. none at all, apparently)

I don’t have a ‘tracer dart’ on any of the classes. Do these ‘unlocks’ still need to be unlocked by levelling?

If the answer to that is yes, can a non-limited edition purchaser still unlock these things?

And if that is a yes, do they unlock for those people at later levels?

Um. Now that I think about it (and watch a youtube video result of searching ‘bad company 2 tracer dart’) I recognise its little icon so I guess one of the classes does have it.

Some info here:

The tracer is shot by a pistol. It should be the last pistol in the pistol section. You should see it in some (all?) of your classes. You’ll also see some vehicle related stuff too.