On Borderlands

I am late to the game. I remember seeing ads for Borderlands 2 on buses, and I didn’t assume it would be the kind of game I would like. But after Telltale announced they were doing one of their new style of interactive cinematic games with the franchise, I decided I’d check out the franchise. I got the first game during the Steam winter sale, and when I’d worn that out, I picked up a Steam code for the second game on Amazon.

I would not have believed that I would take so much interest in a game that, underneath it all, could fairly be described as a free-for-all killing motherfuckers with wild abandon. With jokes. Overall, I wouldn’t say it’s a better game than, say, Fallout New Vegas, but I’m pretty happy with what it is. So much that I was willing to actually pay nearly sixty dollars to add the Game of the Year edition to my XBox collection, because the one person I play online games with also had the game.

Having played through most of the main DLC packs before the end of the game, I am currently sorely outclassing these trogs, especially since I’m playing the Mechromancer in BFF mode. I have farmed the altar in Dragon Keep enough that I’m among those who must express doubts that you can get a legendary weapon in this way.

I’m the same; I avoided picking up the first one because it absolutely didn’t seem like a game I’d like, then I got it and had SO MUCH FUN.

Hmm… I have the second one and have only played about halfway through for some reason. It’s a cold, snowy winter day, my ski trail is closed because of a race today, and I was wondering what I could do. Thanks for the reminder!

I didn’t enjoy the first one at all, but I picked up the sequel pretty much the moennt it came out since I liked everything I heard about improvements to the game overall and specially the PC version.

I still go back to my character form time to time. It’s like Diablo with guns.

I started to really like the game when I got my first useful acid weapon. There something very satisfying about blasting a bad guy and melting him into goo with acid bullets.

In case the thread inspires any new interest, the PC/Mac version of Borderlands 2: Game of the Year edition is $15 from GetGamesGo this weekend. Steam activated; both PC and Mac are the same game key.

In the first game, I played a Siren. I pretty much ignored the SMG and energy that she was specced for, because I like the sniper rifle style of play and because the energy weapons didn’t necessarily seem to be all that powerful. By the end of the game, however, I picked up an SMG that had such a high damage multiplier, rate of fire and clip size that it was basically melting bosses. It had takka to the moon and back, so that even being level 29 in the sniper rifle, and only 6 in SMG it was an instant-on murder maker. Probably also had some electricity damage, I forget. Anyway, I called her Takka Khan. Nothing like that so far in Borderlands 2.

The siren in the second game didn’t have the option to phase shift out of the universe and run away while healing, so screw that. Phaselock my ass. But the girl with a murder-bot? Oh yeah. In the other thread on the subject, it was stated that the BFF tree was the ‘easy mode’ but I can’t say that I mind. I do so enjoy being able to unleash my robot pal on the bastages and concentrate on finding the mission item. Or loot chests. Or pop helmets off of gargantuans.

Near as I can tell, the assumption is that we’re all Chaotic Neutral, fighting the forces of Neutral Evil. I suppose it’s possible simply to avoid some of the more bastardly side quests, such as killing the blogger for Mr. Torgue, but then you’d always have this quest in your queue.

Yeah, the Borderlands games are pretty damned solid. They’re a good time. You get better loot (and harder enemies) if you play with someone else, too.

Yeah, I was surprised that my regular bullshit stopped working when we got an online game going. Until I realized that we really need to enter each scene and deal with spawns before wading in to any other spawn triggers. That helps a lot. Also, with my robot pal, I’m pretty much guaranteed to contribute to the success of the party.

I finally finished the main story, because I got to the point that I couldn’t do anything to score better loot. The best I could do was farm the altar at Dragon’s Keep, and that seemed to have been capped at level 35. So I finished the story and have now started again in True Vault Hunter Mode. So, the quest for a marginally better sniper rifle may finally continue.

Turns out, Borderlands 2: Game of the Year edition is now available for $19.99 on Steam. D’oh. But so is a lot of DLC. I’ve been attempting to sort out which DLC did not come with the Game of the Year edition, and near as I can tell it’s:

  1. Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Pack 2
  2. The Headhunter packs and,
  3. All the merely cosmetic packs

Anybody know better?

Sounds about right. I bought the GOTY edition from GetGamesGo and the DLCs you listed were the only ones missing. I picked up UVH2 recently (since getting killed every three seconds in TVHM isn’t fun enough!) and I thought about the Headhunter packs but I’m not sure if they’re worth spending money on.

I just downloaded this on PSN - it’s free this month if you are a PS Plus member. I played the first a little but couldn’t quite get into it, I’m hoping I like this one a little more!

Borderlands 1 didn’t grab me, as the under-the-hood loot generator was too obviously un-random and the zones and aggro ranges were too confined. I’ve loved the hell out of BL 2 though, the only exception being the Big Game Hunt DLC which bullet-sponged combat into tedium. Tiny Tina is on my top 5 list of greatest video game characters evvvahhhh!

I stopped about mid-way through the 2nd playthrough where leveling and loot start feeling more like a min-maxing grind and less of a series of fun shiny thing discoveries.

Yeah, I started True Vault Hunter Mode because I couldn’t get any more phatter loot the way things were. But the difficulty ramp-up is daunting. I have recently made a breakthrough, apparently getting just the piece of equipment to turn the tide, but its been rough.

On the XBox side, I have ventured to start one of the DLCs to obtain the much better loot that those provide so that I have more to contribute to my weekly game. We actually failed the rescue Roland mission, and now we have to break him out of a different prison. If only I’d had a decent corrosive weapon!

I should test to see if I can use Claptrap’s stash to transfer goods between my True Vault Hunter playthrough and my Whoose Vault Hunter playthrough from the same character.

Borderlands 2 free weekend on Steam for those reading this deciding whether or not they want to try it. I’ve been through it twice already, and I’m looking forward to the Valentines Day DLC.

And half-price. Expansions, too.

Getting Roland out of the Hyperion Friendship Gulag is actually much easier than rescuing him from the Bloodshot Ramparts. For one thing there’s no time limit. However, if you must rescue him on the first attempt the easiest way to do it is to get behind the Constructor and blast it from there. It can only chuck turrets out at you (which are easy kills) and it will do a ground stomp every once in a while which is easy to avoid.

I picked up a Conference Call shotgun on my first playthrough when I defeated the Warrior. It’s still pretty boss ten or so levels later but I’m waiting for the gun that will put it to shame. Bear in mind that any gun is decent so long as you slag your enemies first. In TVHM and UVHM I understand this is an essential part of the survival process.

What I got that seemed to be a breakthrough was an assault rifle with a damage multiplier and slag. So far, it does enough damage that it usually doesn’t seem worth it to swap out to another weapon to take full advantage of the slag. I also have a sniper rifle that does 7000 points of damage plus slag, and I am still appalled that it doesn’t make me a god of murder. For one thing, I can’t seem to dish out damage with either weapon to keep the Pumpkin King’s hitpoints trending downward, even using grenades and rockets to knock those walking stimpacks off his shoulders as fast as I can.

Game Agent is offering the BL2 Valentine’s Day DLC for free through the weekend. You need to have an account with them, sign into it and you’ll see a spot on the top of the product page saying to click for your free copy. As with the rest of BL2, it’s all Steam keys so there’s no actual distinct Mac or PC version.

I originally tried it on my PC and never got my key. Tried again on my (Android) tablet with the browser agent set to “iPad” and it went through and gave me the key immediately. Your mileage may vary.

Since it’s a free give-away, the site is all sorts of bogged down so expect page time outs and that sort of thing.

Not coming up for me. Looks like I can play The Witcher for free, but I already own that.

Huh. Still comes up as an offer for me.

It won’t show though unless you’re logged in when you look at the page.