Battlestar Galactica 2.12 — "Resurrection Ship Part 2" (spoilerama)

As was my habit for the first half of the season, I’m padding the thread with a content-free OP to prevent anyone from accidentally learning via mouseover of Admiral Cain’s steamy lesbian tryst with a Cylon clone of herself.

Spoiler policy: If it’s appeared on screen, or if it’s pure speculation, there’s no need to box it. If it’s something you know happens in a future episode (based on interviews or some other reliable source), or if you’re speculating based on same, hide it in a box, and provide a general label as to what’s in the box so we can decide whether or not to highlight it.

Spoilers follow…

Could somebody please report this to a mod and ask the 2.11 to be changed to 2.12 in the subject line? Thanks.


Based on nothing other than my own bullshit.

I’m really wishing for the following scene.

Roslin dies.

[cut to Toaster ship]

Roslin’s eyes open. :wink:

I really hope this happens. It opens up a whole load of great opportunities IMO.

Recapping the action up to this point:

Starbuck, promoted to Captain by Cain, has proposed a Hail Mary assault on the Cylons’ Resurrection Ship.

Gina, speaking to Baltar, has proposed her own death.

Roslin, conspiring with Adama, has proposed the assassination of Cain.

Cain, conspiring with her XO Fisk, has proposed the assassination of not just Adama but his entire command staff.

Adama, conspiring with Starbuck, has proposed that Starbuck shoot Cain in the head. (No euphemisms here.)

Apollo, to my knowledge, has not proposed much of anything to anybody lately.

Questions and speculation:

What happens to Cain? It’s pretty much assumed by most that she won’t survive this episode, and based on the glimpse of the bruised arm in the preview, the top theory is that she’s killed by Gina instead of by Starbuck. However, running a close second in the speculation sweepstakes is a betrayal by the guilt-ridden Fisk. Also, see the next item.

What happens to Pegasus? No real front-runner for non-spoiler theories, though many speculate some sort of parallel to the original show’s resolution, in which Cain and Pegasus play a major role in the assault on the Cylons and then disappear ambiguously into the void. Spoiler-whores know the unvarnished truth (click only if you really want to know):Pegasus survives both the battle and the loss of Cain, and at some point in the next couple-few shows, Lee Adama will be given command of the second battlestar by his newly-promoted-to-Admiral father.
What’s the outcome of the assault? Is the Resurrection Ship destroyed? I think we all hope so, because that will introduce a very new dynamic into the show, putting the meat-toasters on a much more even playing field with their human opponents. Still, you never know what this show’s going to pull.

How do Helo and Tyrol get out of trouble? Or do they? Again, this show is just full of surprises, but I’d be shocked and rather put out if either one of them were to be killed, Tyrol especially. (Helo’s yet to be fully re-integrated into the story, but I do like the character and his dilemma, so I don’t want him waxed just yet.)

What about Boomer? Is anyone going to tell her about the battle plan? Given Adama’s apparently sincere apology in the last episode, it’s certainly possible, if for no other reason than to see if she can offer any information or assistance. And if she is informed, how will she react?

Is Roslin really on her last legs? Will something on the Resurrection Ship be discovered that provides a life extension or even a cure? (Or, seeing yojimbo’s note on preview, will something even more outlandish occur?)

What’s Baltar’s role in whatever happens to Gina? Does he really want to help her die? Or is he talking to her for his own as-yet-unknown purposes?

Where’s Zarek in all this? How about Ellen Tigh?

Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait…

Oh and I reported it :slight_smile:

I just hope they splurged on the special effects budget. Two battlestars, two basestars, the mystery ship, and a swarm of fighters sounds like a damn good episode to me. I’ll be in heaven if they keep the drama to a minimum and deliver a good old-fashioned zero-g slugfest.

This could also be the first time we’ve seen a battlestar actually engage a Cylon capital ship, and I’d like to see if they carry more than just fighters and flak cannons. Can’t wait to see what happens.

Roslin says:

A) Ah, man!
B) Adama is going to be pissed.
C) What is thy bidding, my master?
d) Why look, there’s Opal! Hi Opal!

E; Bite my shiny metal ass!
F; i;ve got this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side
G; Share and Enjoy!
H; Resistance is Futile…

The big question I have and that no one else seems to notice:

When they showed Starbuck’s recon photos of the resurrection ship on the Pegasus monitors, they saw tubes with model Six in plain sight. Why didn’t they search the rest of the ship for images of the other Cylon models? It doesn’t seem likely that the resurrection ship operates for only one model…

Really? Silly me thought they were of Roslin. Yes, I totally freaked out thinking they had just revealed a bunch of Roslons. Yes, I felt stupid when when I realized my error. Are there any good fansites that explain nitpicky details like that?

My suspicion is that the photos weren’t THAT good, instead we were treated to a CSI-like special effect that was done more for coolness than sense.

Think about it - if they COULD see Sixes everywhere (I think the elastic in my undies just snapped at the thought of that…) would they REALLY need Gina to tell them what the ship was for? Boxey after a lobotomy could have told them what the ship was for.


Yeah, I wanna see that too! The Galactica can hold off a Basestar for a few minutes, and it’s awesome to see. But a Battlestar that could presumably go toe-to-toe with a Basestar? I wanna see!

Were I in their position, I would have assumed the ship was for the manufacture of new babedroids, complete with fresh souls, not that it was a big soulcatcher with empty babedroid shells ready to receive the Purity of Cylon Essence, or whatever the hell their consciousness is called.

Dude. I am not a testosterone poisioned 13-23 male viewer, but you’ve got to get some serious counseling. :slight_smile:

The only thing that makes sense IMO is that ALL the cylons have a consciousness that is transferred. The Resurrection Ship is very big. No way could it just be a support ship for the human type cylons, there just isn’t enough of them to merit a ship that size. The implication that it’s just for the six types doesn’t make sense IMO.

I know we were only shown six types but it has to be a ship that regenerates all cylons for it to make sense IMO.

If it’s just a ship of six replacements not only does it not make sense for it to be that size it also doesn’t make sense to risk everything in attacking it.

There are six models, not just six active at any time. There could be a bazillion sixes running…well, wriggling around at the same time…I’ll be in my bunk.

Okay, I have to admit I’m a BG newbie, and I watched a few episodes from the first half of the second season - but I’ve tried to catch up as much as possible through recaps (I also tried to get the first season DVDs, but I can’t find them at Best Buy right now, and I’m about to suck it up and order them from Amazon), and I am waiting for 10 PM SO impatiently right now. Last week’s episode was one of the best episodes of ANY drama I have seen in months (I still never saw the closer from the first half of the season, which is why I’m dying for the DVDs), and I absolutely can’t wait for tonight.

I’m not as well-versed on the show as the rest of you, so I’ll just happily read until I’m able to sound as intelligent about plot points as everyone else in this thread:D. I can’t quite get enough of this show right now.


Well, six models we’ve seen. Aren’t there supposed to be 12?

And when does the Xena model come back?

You are correct, Sir.
I personally favor the “Trudy” series.

Dammit. Wrong series. ^ :dubious: ^

I know that.

It was said in ep.2.11 the reason for the Resurrection ship is because Galactica is “too far away for the normal downloading process to work”. We were only shown Six type models on the ship. I’m saying that there are not enough Six Type models involved in the chase for the ship to be that big. At the very least it is a resurrection ship for All Cylon Human Types (1-12) in the chase. Those on the Cylon Basestars and in the Galactica Fleet. Or at most it’s a ship that resurrects all cylon types, droidlike and human like involved in the chase.