Battlestar Galactica 3.18 - "The Son Also Rises" (spoilers)

All of this has had spoilers before, and all of this will have spoilers again.

Spoiler policy: If it’s been aired, or if it’s purely speculative, no need for a spoiler box. If it’s from a future episode, as revealed in interviews or by other means, or if it’s speculation based on same, hide it in a spoiler box, and provide a label as to the general nature of the spoiler so we can decide whether or not it’s something we want to know.

preview for tonight’s episode

(Yeah, I know, I haven’t started one of these threads in a while. Since the show moved to Sunday nights, I’ve had to let it drop; I’m rarely online on Sunday afternoons, and by the time I check in late that night or the next morning, the thread’s already ripping along. But today I found myself at loose ends, and we’re winding up the season, so what the frak. :))

Guest star tonight: Mark Sheppard, best known to genre fans as Badger in Firefly. Woo Firefly! He is apparently playing Baltar’s lawyer, though I’ve seen a couple of interviews where he’s rather coy as to the specific nature of his role, so presumably there will be complications. He says it’s great, though.

There have also been rumblings, here at the SDMB and elsewhere, that something major is in the offing for the last three episodes of the third season. There was a link in the thread about Baltar’s trial; I didn’t click it, and from me and everyone else who wants to remain unspoiled in this final stretch, appreciation in advance for the continued concealment of whatever revelations lurk therein.

Here’s to hoping whatever malaise has affected the writing staff gets shaken off at least long enough to give us a balls-out roller-coaster climax. My anticipation is high; I remember feeling similarly uncertain after a series of subpar installments approaching the end of season two, and look how that worked out. :smiley:

Is Lee actually serving as Baltar’s counsel or just protecting him? :confused:

My guess is that Lee is gonna play lawyer. And that he’s gonna win. Think the last three episodes are tied together in an arc, so probably get the set up this week…

My guess is Lee always admired and idolized his grand papa the civil rights lawyer, he’s going to team up with new lawyer guy and get his rose-colored idealistic principles tested in the real world of L&O: The Colonies.

I love Anders when he’s wrecked.

Why he looks like Trevor Linden I dunno

Adama’s serving on the tribunal? Damn why doesn’t Roslin just preside herself. Adama the de facto ruler of humanity, that’s to much of an influence on his fellow tribunal members.

Survivor count: 41, 399
RIP Starbuck
Judge Adama
And now Baltar appears to have an opening on his defense team…

Survivor count down by one already, Balty’s lawyer gets blowed up and it’s reflected in the survivor count…

He’s approaching the Bench in the sky, bereft of life he rests in peace, he is an ex-barrister…

Ooh, hot.

Damn it! I can’t read the thread anymore, I’m on the west coast. Frak you east coasters.

Gods true time zone

A cat?! How the hell did he manage to keep a cat alive threw several famines?

Kitty bomb detector

Maybe Capricans have a religious prohibition against oral sex? :smiley:

Hmmm…mysterious never before seen lawyer with gunslinger attitude…Legalbot?

THe fence from Firefly, the evil dead Doctor spirit from Medium.

The android with the cat, that was Data, it’s been done!

Is this the first time we’ve seen Kelly since season 2? He hardly looked like the same actor. Anyone notice how Lee said “coed” like it was something unusual? Wasn’t Billy surprised by the unisex heads in the mini? Now, if only RDM would have Lee and Anders turn into the next angsty couple (damn they’d make a hot couple :smiley: ).

Okay - so, let me get this straight: The judges for the tribunal are being selected from the pool of ship captains? You mean, the people who’re more highly stressed, and more keenly aware of the dangers the Fleet has faced, than probably anyone else? The ones who’ve had to scramble their ships to jump away from the Cylons Lords know how many times?

Does anyone else think that these are the last people they should be getting their judicial pool from? Wouldn’t it make much, much more sense to use lawyers?

You know… I couldn’t understand a darn thing he said almost the entire episode…

you mean to tell me that the entire hour was just so Lee could tell Pops “I wanna do this”?

And again, with the missing scene… this missing scene was much more interesting.

I don’t like Baltar with OCD… I like the other Baltar, crazed but more/less in control (with a little help from his friends).

Admiral got his ship put back together pretty good too…

I had no idea what was going on this episode.

Why was badger talking about love? Why was he a klepto? What was the deal with the pen? Why did the camera keep focussing on badger’s glasses? Why did Kelly want so badly to kill Baltar’s lawyer? Why did badger speak only in mystical aphorisms as opposed to actually talking like a human being? What motivated Lee at any moment at all ever? For that matter, what motivated Adama Sr. at any point in time?

This episode gets a bit W T F.