Battlestar Galactica 3.19 - "Crossroads (part one)" - spoilers

All of this has had spoilers before, and all of this will have spoilers again.

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Preview for this week’s episode.

So, rumblings and rumors suggest that major developments are afoot in the finale this week and next. I’ve been avoiding any kind of revelation; I want to go in fresh, and get my ass kicked. For comparison, going back two seasons, I had absolutely no idea Boomer was going to perforate Cmdr Adama; I vaguely recall making some sort of barking noise and jumping partway off the couch when it happened. Maybe I’m foolish for wanting to recapture that feeling, to get something out of a show that I think we can all agree hasn’t been on in that way for a while, but so be it.

From the preview linked above, it appears that Apolloresigns his commission, and becomes a civilian, in order to represent Baltar. Whether this resignation “sticks,” and Lee has given up the uniform for good, or if instead he’ll be allowed to put the wings back on in season four without any sort of comment from his superior officer, the way it happened on Star Trek at least once a season, remains to be seen. Oh, and if this is part of the major spoiler people have been talking about, please warn us before responding to this.
Very excited. Two more to go.

(And season four starts next January, apparently. Frak.)

This is episode 19, and there are two more to go, for a total of 21? That’s an odd number.

Next season starts in January? Geez, the season finale better be pretty good, because the way most of this season has gone, I’m liable to think the show is canceled and forget to watch.

There are two more to go, counting this one. It does such having to wait till next Jan for season 4, but hopefully with a shorter season (13 eps intead of 20) there’ll be less filler.

Ah, so 20 episodes, and this is the one before last. Got it.

If the rumored spoilers are true, this episode will probably generate lots of buzz for next week.

From the preview, I already know I’m gonna hate the idea that some frakkin Viper jock gets to play lawyer in the Colonial Trial of the Century. Being a lawyer ain’t that easy. Being a trial lawyer, particularly one in a capital case, is not something just anybody can do. Even if their Daddy commands a Battlestar.

The apparent shortage of lawyers is odd, but I got the idea that almost nobody in the Fleet is willing to stand up and argue in open court that Baltar should go free. The idea of selecting 5 captains at random (including Adama, the de facto leader of the human race) :dubious: is just plain frakked up.

I don’t have a big problem with Apollo getting involved with the trial. Few qualified people want the job and he’ll have slimy lawyer from last week to help him. It’s not like Roslyn was qualified to be president but she stepped up to the task. Any intelligent person can read up on the subject and argue a case before a group of judges who themselves aren’t qualified judges, with no more knowledge of the law than Apollo may have.

Besides, he probably watched a few episodes of Law and Order: IN SPACE! between shifts.

Perhaps the writeres believe that if we didn’t have two regular characters in the court, we would be bored.
I think it would be a good plot device. We know Adama will “lose” as usual. :slight_smile:

Hey, did someone just call Anders a ‘nuggett’? Woo hoo!

Has Six actually confirmed that Baltar did in fact give her access to the colonial defence computers?

Anders doesn’t seem to be wracked with grief.

Looks like one of the rumored spoilers is true (the music thing…) FRAK!

looks like the flying motorcycle has been fueled up, and the sharks are ready

Well to be fair Starbuck wasn’t a very good wife.

As far as I could tell, those spoilers were true in every particular.

At least the Tigh and Six scene was excellent; those two actors are always on their game, it seems.

Also, the BSG previews spoiled themselves (which they’ve done before) Since it’s obviously Anders’ voice saying “We’re all Cylons.”

Way to keep the suspense up, BSG.

Well…sorta. Being careful how I word this, but I was under the impression that the music would be more…distinctive. I’ll bump the spoiler thread if someone hasn’t already.

The trial scenes were dramatic, but with little effort for realism. Still, it was an entertaining episode.

I really like the prosecutor - she’s not doing the over-dramatic “law and order” thing, but her opening statement was pretty damned effective. Laid out a compelling theme, with powerful rhetoric and without giving the impression she was grand-standing. That’s how you get it done in the real world, and it was a pleasure to watch.

The bit with Dee leaving Apollo was annoying, though. Dee should be more than capable of understanding that accused criminals need a vigorous defense, and Apollo should be better able to explain it. How hard is it to say “Hon, if we only provide the protection of law to people we like, then it isn’t the rule of law at all”?

Really? Because I thought that the voice was the Chief’s.

And if the writing has truly deteriorated as much as it appears, she’s waking up in a tub of goo somewhere.

Not in the world I practice in. The first words out of her mouth were objectionable on opening statement. You can’t argue on opening. And arguing is pretty much all she did. It was fun, but not at all realistic.