Battlestar Galactica- Whats up with the Cylon God?

For those following the show, you know that there is a lot of “God” talk going on by the cylons. Also notably, apparently the colonists are polytheists(referring to the lords of kobol)

My thread questions are

  1. What is the cylon goal with this, and why does human denial upset them so much?
  2. What/who is their God?
  3. where is the story going to go with this?

For example is their god the orginal designer of cylons, a factory that makes cylons who is “alive” and whose name is God, an intangle super intelligent computer program, an uber-cylon that is the master of all others, or a more intangable God in the christian sense

Any other thoughts regarding the general “god” plotline would fine too.

Spoiler rules
-anything that that has aired is fair game to discuss
-anything referencing actual future episode information should be “spoilered”
-things that are only theory regarding direction of future episodes don’t need to be “spoilered”

It certainly seems that the entire story arc is revolving around the question posed in the thread title. So far in the series, we’ve only gotten tantilizing hints about religion. The humans are apparently pagans of the Greco-Roman variety. Indeed, why does this upset the Cylons?

The easy answer is that somewhere there is a “central Cylon computer”, acting as the network server for all Cylons, and that this computer is their “God”. That’s the easy answer, and it is almost certainly the wrong answer. It’s much too much of an easy out, one that the BG writers have so far shown they wouldn’t take.

I think their monotheistic belief is a true “Belief”, one that somehow arose during or after the last human-Cylon conflict. And now they are proselytizing in the only way they know how. They had to kill the majority of humans – but not all! – in order to shake the survivors to the core. Now in this state of panic they should be receptive to their beliefs. In the end, those who convert, such as Balthar, will survive and any holdouts will be killed, thus making the (for want of a better phrase) “Belief Structure” of the universe pure and unadulterated.

Of course, I expect the humans to resist. Adama has a few tricks up his sleeve yet.

I would imagine that the cylon leadership would create a “God myth” programming to control what are basically mobile A.I Is there any evidence that the footsoldiers have this beliefe system??

You mean the “toasters”? I don’t think they have communicated anything at all.

This is the part of the show that worries me the most. It seems to have the greatest chance to become really cheesy.

At first I felt that maybe they just wanted to add a ‘religious war’ aspect to the plot but it also seems to building to a point. Hopefully something unlike the Matrix.

Now it seems to me that if the humans find Cobal and Cobal will lead them to earth and there are unknow Cylons in the fleet, then they are going to lead the Cylons right to earth. By the time the rag-tag fugitive fleet finds earth, all that will remain is a smoking, radioactive rock.

Ok, here’s an idea: The Cylon God is … God. Really God. I mean, if you can accept that God would send a flood to exterminate the entire human race except for 8 chosen survivors, or nuke Sodom and Gomorrah, or order the Israelites to commit genocide on the Caananites, then maybe God was just going through one of his Jehovah moods when he had the Cylons destroy the Twelve Colonies.

Google “Battlestar Galactica, Mormonism”.

Didn’t the Cylon (Callum Keith Rennie) in the most recent ep. say “i am god”. I thought the cylons think of their civilization somehow as god itself (since his personality would be sent back into a new body, making him immortal, and eventually, omnipetent.

I’m not very good with religion and religious/philosophical arguments , so this could be totally off, but what do you think?

I think we should take Ron Moore out behind the Four Dice Cafe and beat it out of him.

On a more realistic level, (how would we get him to Fordyce?) I think the Cylon was just messing with her head.
Like Zebra, I hope they don’t go too far with this concept.

So do you think that the top of the cylon leadership echilon is basically the cylon “god” (super computer or otherwise) or that the top leaders are just propagating the concept to more easy control underlings?

As for the toasters, I think they pretty much believe what ever their superiors tell them. They don’t seem to have a lot of independence

Well, most of the mormonism is from the orginal series and much doesn’t apply here. Actually the main writer and executive producer ronald moore has stated that he is trying to stay away from the mormon angle and plots of the orginal series

That is probably the best idea. :slight_smile:

This is actually a facinating spin, that sounds like the kind of thing the writers might pull. I personally like the concept that the cylon civiliation as a whole is their god. The problem with this is that they really don’t always seem to be on the same page, making it hard to believe that they think that. Certainly it seems that the boomers and sixes don’t get along well.

You know, if I was writing the series. In the scene where 6 beats up Boomer, I would have had Boomer fight back.

And I would have had the scene take place in a mud pit.

Or possibly a bit pool of raspberry Jello.

Is there anything so far to indicate all the Cylons have the same view of God? Six seems be something of a softie when it comes to humans, thinking that we’re all part of God’s grand plan; Conoy figured we were facing God’s wrath and the Cylons might be meant as a replacement. I’m kind of leaning towards the idea that the Cylon God is the same philosophical construct the human God is, not anything concrete like the programmed worship of a supercomputer.

Didn’t they pull that in an original episode of Star Trek? The Fabrini or something?

That a human-made intelligence has evolved and developed a sex drive and a need for religion is a great idea. One of many on this show. I’m enjoying this new incarnation of Battlestar Galactica a whole lot.

Someone in another thread posted a link to Ron Moore’s blog . He does say something about the religion aspect in one of the earlier questions:

It doesn’t really answer where they are going with it, but I found it interesting.

It’s a very interesting question, and I have to say I have no idea where they’re going with this concept. But, I like it so far. I’d be perfectly happy if they just kept as vague as it is now-- it just makes the human-like Cylons all that much harder to understand.

Ooh, maybe it’s V-ger.

“Where No Mad has gone before.”

What does Kobol want with a starship?

It doesn’t seem like the colonials are very religious. Doesn’t Apollo say something along the lines of his callsign being an old legend?

They only seem to get religion by contact with the cylons. Both Baltar and Starbuck end up praying due to their exposure to cylons.