Battletech Movie News

Its official there is going to be battletech movies…

I was so hoping for them to do the return of kerensky series…but until I score a couple hundred mil for financing I guess I have to enjoy whats provided.

It’s Dean Devlin’s project, though. The man responsible for Independence Day, StarGate, The Patriot, and Godzilla (!!!). This movie is going to suck. Hard. Which is a shame, because I’d like to see a good Battletech movie, too.

Well, maybe next time.

I liked independence day. I also know that my perception of the battletech universe (shared by many) is a little grittier than the masses might want to see, despite the success of movies like Saving Private Ryan. Just imagining what a good CGI team could do with the invasion of Luthien in Blood Legacy makes my heart flutter.

Mech Wars? What the hell are those? The Fourth Succession War? 3039? The Clan invasion? Task Force Serpent’s attack on Huntress? Or all of that, and this is taking place circa 3100 and factions in the “Republic” are trying to restart the “Mech Wars” of old?

Christ on a cracker, I hope this movie doesn’t get made. I have an overriding suspicion that this will be as true to the source material as, say, the Wing Commander movie was to Chris Roberts’ games. (And yes, I know that Chris Roberts wrote and directed the movie, which just makes it that much worse.)

Hey I liked Stargate, ID4 and The Patriot. They weren’t great works or anything, but they were entertaining.

I don’t know much about Battletech other than it involves giant robots and interplanetary wars. I think the best fans can hope for is a kind of Starship Troopers without Paul Verhoeven’s ultra-violet signiture meets live action Anime-style giant robot battles.

In other words:
-young, good looking stars…check

-cool futuristic computer generated fighting robots…check

-cardboard villains…check

-war movie cliches (“If I see another stunt like that, I’ll bust you down to sergeant!”, “Good work! Keep that up you’ll make sergeant in no time!”, “When I get home, I can’t wait to…” BANG!!, “Go!! Save yourselves!!”, “NOOOOOOO!!!”, “This ones for Johnny!!”, “There’s…too…MANY of them!!”, “I…love…y…ZZAAAAPP–KA-POW”, “Did someone hear a ‘click’?”, “He’s coming in TOO FAST!”, “It’s like everyone’s judging me because of what happened to my father during the war!”, “I hope we’re friends forever!”, “incoming!”, “NOOOOOOOOO!!”, “Sure we’ve won…but at what cost!”)…double check

Its set in the New “Mechwarrior: Dark Age” universe, about the only one still around is Victor Steiner-Davion (and he is OLD). I missed most of the books after Prince of Havoc and apparently alot has happened in those 4-5 books.

I just read Ghost War I figured since Stackpole wrote it it couldn’t be all bad. I am going to go back and hunt down a few of the books I have not read now.

There’s a new Dark Age universe?

I missed a lot of the books - this past July, I realized I’d been waiting ten-plus years to have the “Who killed Melissa Steiner” plot revealed, and went out and bought the rest of the available books. They only went up to 3067-ish, though, and there was no mention of Dark Age … how recent IS that?

And I don’t like the sound of it, goldarnit! I yearn for the days when Mechs were Mechs and it took balls of iron to climb into one 'cause there weren’t no durn things such as double heat sinks or ER weapons!

(And Michael Stackpole’s writing? In the foreword of one of those last books I read, the author (Loren Coleman, I think?) basically fell over himself thanking Stackpole for letting him finish the storyline he started with Melissa Steiner. If he’s back in the BT universe, I think I may withhold my kneejerk rage…)