Battling football mascots...WTF?

OK, not the first time two mascots have gotten into a fight. But the reason given for the fight seems a little odd to me.

Is he serious? At any of the armed forces academies, the entire freshman class will do push-ups to match the score. At many regular colleges, the ROTC corps will do likewise. What on earth made him think he had a monopoly on the practice?

He has a bird brain?

OK this is a weird story. This link alleges it may have been staged:

While this story has an actual interview with the Cougar:

(Both are news articles with links to videos.)
I don’t think it was staged. And I agree with mbh that many schools have this tradition.

Didn’t the Oregon Duck kick the Oregon State Beaver’s ass a few years ago?

Um, the video did a pretty good job of alleging that IMHO. I mean one of those dorks did a pro-wrestling move for crying out loud.

At a game between Bristol City and Wolverhampton Wanderers in November 1998, the Wolves mascot (Wolfie) launched an unprovoked verbal attack on the Three Little Pigs.

The porcine trio were representing a local sponsor and responded to the abuse by assaulting Wolfie with all available trotters. The Bristol City mascot (City Cat) was also dragged into the proceedings and a general fracas ensued.

“I’ll huff, and I’ll puff…”

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It probably was staged, or at least done just for amusement’s sake. I remember at an Illini game once, the guy cheerleaders “kidnapped” the Iowa Hawk, spread his legs apart and pretended to bash his balls against the goal post. I assumed that it was in jest, and that the Hawk is still able to procreate.

And my sister went to the University of Richmond, whose mascot is a spider. She said one time the cadets from a nearby military school jumped him and pummelled him pretty good. Everyone took it as a joke, though…I don’t think they were actually trying to hurt them, it’s just that you’re kind of at their mercy in a big foam 8-legged costume!

Yeah, I’ve been really confused by the suspension story. The video looked obviously like a bit of good fun between mascots, not some sort of all-out brawl. It certainly didn’t look like there were any real punches or kicks.

I’m not surprised. The Oregon Duck is Donald Duck, who was made the University of Oregon’s mascot by agreement with Walt Disney himself in 1947. And as we all know, Donald has a very short temper.

And I think Pluto’s gone crazy, too. Must have been hanging around Donald too much.

Thank you, either way.

I wasn’t going to mention this because I abhor football violence. However the world needs to know whenever and wherever such violence occurs. I give you the video of Chaddy the Owl Beating The Shit Out Of Bloomfield Bear (34 secs), perhaps the most infamous battle in the entire history of mascot conflict. The final scenes are so gruesome I must declare it Not Safe For Bears.

Bloomfield is minding his own business when Chaddy grabs him in a headlock and rips his head off.

That owl really is an arsehole.

For true mascot abuse, nothing quite satifies like the Giant’s 1984 multi-legged favorite, Crazy Crab.