I did it to see if it would fly ?

Owl Mascot Kicked to Death by Soccer Player

I opened the article expecting that the owl mascot was a person, but it was an actual owl. I think it was a terrible thing for the player to do, but this isn’t an RO thread. I had to share this because I literally laughed out load here at the office while reading the player’s explanation:

“I was not trying to hurt the owl. I did it to see if it would fly.”

For finding that one of the funniest things I’ve read, I’m sure I’ll be going to hell, likely on the express train.

Well, since that team is gonna need a new mascot anyway, I say they go with an ostrich.

If the player tries the same trick again, he’ll be finding out if HE can fly :wink:

Was God his witness?

It bears emphasis that the owl was lying on the field, stunned, after having been hit by the soccer ball. This vicious idiot attacked an injured animal – literally kicking (him or her, the article isn’t clear) while the bird was down.

Was it really stunned, or just pinin’ for the fjords?

Just the other day I was watching this Mock the Week clip (NSFW) about soccer players’ lack of perspective.

Yeah, I laughed at the player’s comment, but obviously it was a stupid senseless vicious thing to do.

Fans, officials and others are calling for sanctions, suspensions, banning, prosecution, I’m sure he’ll be paying for his action.

I like the ostrich as the new mascot. I’d like to suggest a steel cage between the new mascot and the punter in the story.


A turkey would be an excellent replacement mascot - much easier to find in stores than ostriches or owls.

Of course, fresh turkeys are seasonal, so best to go with a frozen one.

I think a 10 ton boulder would be a good mascot. Let this guy try to kick it out of the way.

Sounds like somebody didn’t give a hoot.

I’m as big an asshole as anyone here, but sorry I didn’t get the funny.

To which the natural reply is: O RLY?

Now that’s the only funny thing in the thread so far.


(except the “O RLY?” comment upthread)