bazooka song

I heard a song on the radio a while back with the phrase something like “if I had a bazooka,I would blow you away”. and it was a love song! good music. was I dreaming or is this an actual song?

one more song, please. this is a live song I think. the singer plays all of these other guitar styles while anouncing their names.


as for the other, Bill Kirchen
the song is “Hot Rod Lincon-Live” on the album of the same name.

thanks youre amazing. change your name to “amazing larry”.
do you know where I left my car keys with the swiss army knife?
the rocket launcher song is great guitar. is his other stuff as good guitar? sounds Neil Youngish.(my hero)

Check the ignition, or maybe the pants you had on last Tuesday.

Bill Kirchen is great, he is local to my area and I love to go see him play.

As for Bruce Cockburn, I always thought he sounded more Velvet Underground, I don’t really know a lot of his work but have always liked “Rocket Launcher” the part at the end about “some son of a bitch will pay”.

My personal favorite take on this is the alternate (live I think) version of If I Had A Million Dollars by Barenaked Ladies. It ends:

“If I had a million dollars, some son of a bitch would die”